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Brave Launches New Widget for The Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini

The privacy-focused Brave Web Browser has announced the latest feature coming with the stable version’s update: Gemini integration.

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Facilitating Crypto Trading with Gemini

According to an official blog post, the privacy-centric web browser Brave has announced its partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Gemini. With the partnership, Brave desktop browser user can activate and access the official Gemini Trading Widget by opening a new tab.

The Gemini card on the screen not only enables account holders to trade any crypto assets listed by Gemini but also views their account balances and deposit addresses.

In addition, content creators who verified are Brave, can custody their assets using the Gemini Creator Wallet. The wallet BAT payments received from Brave users can be delivered to the Gemini wallet, which can also store other crypto and fiat assets that Gemini supports.

Brave is a well-known privacy-centric web browser which does not only block web ads and tracking but also rewards users for viewing native ads with the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Both Companies Have Been Developing in Collaboration

Brave also confirmed that this integration is just a part of a wider partnership with Gemini, and more details will be revealed soon.

Back in April, Gemini added the Basic Attention Token to its exchange. Later, in July, the Gemini Creator Wallet was added to the active testing and development build of the browser, called Brave Nightly. According to Brave, creators who started using that wallet in July will receive the first payment in September.

Although Brave added a Binance widget in April, the Gemini widget now gives users options that are easier access to receive their earned BAT and tap into other assets without leaving the widget.

Brave Is Focusing on Increasing Its Attractiveness for Crypto Users

On the other hand, Brave has been developing an in-browser crypto trading tool for a while which puts the company into the race with other crypto-focused browsers.

The Binance widget supports Brave users to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies supported by Binance. Users are offered an option to trade on both the and Binance.US platforms.

Also, the privacy-focused browser is exploring a plethora of relevant functions, including buying, depositing, trading, and viewing summaries, which can eliminate the need for other applications.

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