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Brave has Partnered with Code for Everyone to Support Non-profits

The privacy-focused Brave Web Browser announced on July 19th a new partnership with “Minna no Code” (Code for Everyone) to introduce new forms of support for Non-Profit Organizations by using Brave Rewards.

To take your web surfing to the next level with improved privacy, security, and control over your experience, make sure to check Brave out by clicking here.

Brave Rewards is no Longer Limited to Content Creators

“Code for Everyone” is a Japanese educational non-profit Organization (NPO) focused on making coding available to all children in the Asian country by providing programming materials to schools, case studies for teachers, and by holding various events.

With the world moving toward a new industrial revolution based on software and technology, coding has become one of the most desired skills in the academic and Laboral work as it can be applied for several purposes.

With this partnership, Brave will be taking a step into fueling innovation and technology awareness by allowing its users to actively assist these NPOs.

Brave will be providing a referral program and a custom page featuring Code for Everyone, which will expand to more non-profits in the future.

Users who want to support the Organization will be able to do so by downloading and installing the browser using their referral link or by sending BAT points using Brave Rewards on their website and social media.

Brave Wants to Create a Fairer Internet

Brave was founded back in 2015 by Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy with Mr. Eich being the former CEO of Mozilla Corporation at the time and also Javascript’s creator.

As internet users are increasingly being tracked and their data used for marketing and other purposes without their consent, privacy has become a major concern for many who don’t want to become the product for a big corporation.

Just as the Mozilla Foundation, Brave is looking to create a healthy and open internet that respects people’s right to privacy and choice, a vision that is engrained in Brave Browser.

Brave aims to achieve this change by fighting malware, preventing tracking, providing information security, and offer a fast browsing experience, while offering users to customize their experience based on their needs.

Brave Browser users have the option to earn rewards by seeing non-intrusive and privacy-respecting advertisements, while at the same time removing ads that don’t respect the privacy of internet surfers by using cookies or trackers to target them.

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