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Brave Browser Works With K-Pop’s BTS to Bring its Power to Japan

Brave Browser has partnered with the Korean pop group BTS and Japanese e-sports team Rush Gaming to offer a limited edition of its browser for residents of Japan. Brave Browser is crypto-friendly and offers users unique features.

In a report on June 5, Japan’s Nikkei newspaper disclosed that the Brave Browser is partnering with BTS, AKA the Bangtan Boys, to develop a browser exclusively for users in Japan. This is also the first collaboration that is known between a privacy-focused browser like Brave and a K-pop boy band.

If you would like to use Brave Browser, you can click right here to download a free copy. It allows you to browse the internet without big tech watching your every move, and also offers some great crypto features!

Brave Browser Continues to Grow

According to Nikkei, the collaboration aims to create a new touchpoint between idols and fans.

The limited-edition browser allows users to able to earn points by watching ads in support of Rush Gaming’s e-sports team. Brave Browser is an open-source web browser that focuses on providing better privacy as well as blocking intrusive ads and trackers.

The browser provides an advertisement system powered by the Ethereum blockchain and the firm’s proprietary Basic Attention Token (BAT). It also allows users to earn BAT by watching ads based on their choice.

The browser has been reportedly achieved 15.4 million monthly active users at the end of May, increased by 125% over the past year.

Also, in a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, the well-known host Joe Rogan discussed its privacy and security as well as express his choice for the browser, that had pushed for Brave’s use to millions of listeners.

Fixing Mistakes

Crypto Twitter users noticed an issue that the browser automatically filled an affiliate link into its address bar for anyone attempting to access the website for the leading crypto exchange Binance and its United States-based subsidiary Binance.US to gain a commission.

The founder and CEO of Brave Brendan Eich, who was famous for creating JavaScript and helping co-found Mozilla, then quickly admitted the issue a “mistake” and pledged to remove the function causing the autofill.

Overall, Brave Browser is a great browser for anyone that wants to change the way the online advertising game works. Brave offers you the ability to stop big tech from overstepping its bounds, and also lets you get paid for your viewtime.

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