Posted 11 months ago | by Ben Armstrong

Brave Browser Sees 130% Surge in Vimeo Creators

Privacy-focused Brave Browser has recorded a 130% percent increase in creators from video-sharing platform Vimeo, according to data studied by A record number of new creators joined the platform during the past month, which reached almost 100,000 new verified creators.

Brave Browser offers its users an incredible amount of security, and it also lets people pay creators on a direct basis. If you are interested in learning more about Brave Browser or downloading it, please click right here!

More Creators are Joining Brave Browser

Privacy-focused Brave Browser continues to increase its user rate and has hit a record number of users. It has also seen a sharp rise in the number of creators who choose to participate in the platform’s ad model.

The data tracking website showed that the number of creators on Brave is now verified at 663,899, and more than 98,000 of them have joined during the past 30 days alone.

The total number of creators has increased by 17.8%. Also, there are 11,000 verified Twitter creators. This is a great sign for the company, and it is easy to understand why creators are attracted to the platform.

Video-Sharing Platforms Dominate Brave Creator Directory

The privacy-focused crypto browser is currently being used by content creators like Wikipedia, TheGuardian, and WikiHow.

While YouTube stands out from other in both term both in terms of the number of users and watching hours, the biggest growth in verified creators has come for Vimeo, which is known for the tight communities that surround its popular creators.

Vimeo Stands Out

Vimeo has seen a record 130% percent growth in the past 30 days, with 25,621 new creators getting verified throughout April and May.

GitHub recorded a 28.6% increase in verified creators, putting it in second place. Twitch reached a 15.7% percent growth, with 7,213 new creators and other 3,396 new web creators achieved an increase of 7.2%.

Brave Browser users will get more opportunities to monetize their attention once more verified creators join the platform. Brave allows users to send and receive BAT rewards and allows users to tip creators that join the Brave Browser platform.

In addition to being a great choice for creators, Brave Browser makes sure that its users have some of the best security in the world. Unlike most web browsers, Brave Browser doesn't collect and sell your data to third parties, and when you watch adverts, you get paid.

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