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Brave Browser Now Includes Trial Version of Video Sharing Platform

Brave Browser, the browser focusing on privacy-oriented web use and cryptocurrency, has launched a new feature that brings video conferencing features similar to major competitors, Zoom and Google Hangout to its users.

On May 26, Brave announced its Nightly version for North America is now available on Brave Together. Brave Together is a private and unlimited video calling service built on an open-source video conferencing solution, named Jisti.

If you are interested in downloading Brave Browser, please click right here. It is one of the only browsers out there that isn't looking to vacuum up all your information, sell it to people you don't know, and then allow those shadowy parties to manipulate you.

Brave Together Now Features Nightly

The new feature is distinct from existing video conferencing solutions as it uses Brave’s inherent privacy features, therefore, it won't take advantage of you, and sell your data to advertisers or allow hackers access to private information.

Users can access the new feature via the integrated widget on a desktop.

In addition, the privacy-oriented browser highlighted that the information that users say or type during a video conference is logged or saved since the content of the call is encrypted by Brave Together features.

Great Features

Though it still is in a trial version, the Brave Together video conferencing solution features can support private and unlimited HD video calling, screen sharing, YouTube video sharing, chatting for participants, raising a hand, and speaker stats and analytics.

While Brave has not confirmed its plan in integrating its native Basic Attention Token (BAT) to the video conferencing service, some followers are predicting that users would be able to tip BAT to meeting participants.

Brave Together comes at a time when the Brave browser has become popular, and it reportedly recorded tremendous growth in terms of new users and business partnerships.

Brave Browser is Growing

Brave browser was reported to have over eight million active users globally in October 2019 and the number is now over 14 million users. The cryptocurrency browser recently partnered with major cryptocurrency exchange Binance to offer a widget for purchasing cryptocurrencies.

In a world where information is increasingly being weaponized, it makes sense to limit access to your personal data. You may not be able to understand how easy it is to manipulate people with online data, but there are people who know how to use it for their gain, and your loss.

Maybe it is time to wake up to the fact that major tech really isn't full of nice companies and download Brave Browser.

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