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Brave Browser Looks to Boost Personal Privacy, Security Online

Your data is valuable. Both from the standpoint of personal privacy, and also financial, the data that you create and view online has a lot of value. Brave Browser is making advertising work for people who use the net, and also letting internet users take control of their online data trail.

There is big money in online data. While a platform like Facebook might look like social networking site, in reality, it is made to suck up as much data from its users as possible.


Your data can be sold in a number of ways, and also used to manipulate you directly. Facebook projects like Cambridge Analytica were designed to use data as a political tool, and influence the result of the democratic process.

While there have been many allegations of this type hurled at Russia, we know for sure that Zuckerberg et al. want to use the data that Facebook collects to impact the democratic process in a meaningful way.

If you are tired of the tech giants collecting your data, and possibly abusing you on an unconscious level, click right here to start using Brave Browser.

Brave Browser Makes Sense for the Data Generation

We are only going to use digital media, and the internet, more in the new century. The problem is that the companies that hold digital monopolies online are using your data, and it is almost impossible to stop them.

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, recently said:

"Sorry, Bitcoin isn't free. (no, it's not going to zero) Privacy is. You just have to install the brave browser. Protect yourself."

Not only do the systems that big tech uses compromise your personal data, they also offer bad actors tools that can be used to do serious harm to your life. The tracking systems that keep an eye on your every move can be used to track you down in the real world. Your personal safety is being put in danger by these systems, and big tech could care less.

Stay as Safe as Possible – And Make Money!

Not only does Brave Browser give you enhanced online safety, it also rewards you for viewing advertisements online. Its Basic Attention Token (BAT) will reward you for turning off the built-in ad blocker, and allow you to gain from viewing adverts.

It is a good idea to learn more about Brave Browser. The fully features browser makes it simple to guard yourself online, and it also allows you to gain in the form of BAT tokens. Please click right here to access one of the best free tools there is for anyone who is online.

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