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Brave Browser Announces Partnership with bitFlyer

Brave Browser announced in an official blog post on July 30 of 2020 its partnership with bitFlyer to allows users in Japan to use and receive Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) while using the privacy-focused browser.

If you want to take advantage of this new partnership or just take advantage of all the features offered by Brave’s web browser to take your browsing experience to the new level of privacy, speed, and security, make sure to click here.

A New Integrated Crypto Wallet Tailored to Japan’s Needs

The partnership announced by Brave will focus on the development of a crypto asset wallet integrated into the Brave browser for users in Japan to receive BAT on as a reward from viewing Brave’s ads and from tips.

The wallet will be easy to link with any bitFlyer account to receive their BAT on it, giving them the option to operate with it using the exchange or convert their balance to Japanese Yen (JPY).

The wallet is expected to be released in November 2020 and will allow Brave Browser users to buy or sell BAT on bitFlyer by using the wallet, as well as using their BAT balance to tip content creators and publishers they want to support.

Brave is Helping the Creation of a Fairer and Freer Internet

Brave was founded in 2015 by Javascript’s creator Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy. Brendan Eich was the former CEO of Mozilla Corporation at the time, a subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation.

Just as the Mozilla Foundation, Brave is looking to create a healthy and open internet that respects people’s right to privacy and choice.

The BAT token was created by Brave to provide an alternative to traditional digital advertisement and empowering users, advertisers, and publishers to create a fairer Internet free of tracking and surveillance.

Brave Software Asia’s President, Hiroshi Shimase, referred to the partnership by stating:

“At Brave, we protect consumers’ privacy, Internet speed, and data cost, all of which are being sacrificed in today’s ecosystem. In addition, we strive to properly reward our users for their attention and allow them to easily support their favorite publishers and content creators. Our partnership with bitFlyer is a big step forward in rebuilding a consumer-first Internet ecosystem so please look forward to future developments.”

bitFlyer is Shaping the Crypto Exchange Industry in Japan and Abroad

bitFlyer was launched in 2014 to “simplify the world of blockchain” by providing top-security, a wide range of features, and ease-of-use to its users.

Now, 6 years later, bitFlyer grew to become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Japan by trading volume and the only one to obtain a license to operate in the Asian country, the United States, and the European Union.

Kimihiro Min, bitFlyer’s President, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership’s potential to pave the way for new possibilities for cryptocurrency:

“Through this partnership with Brave Software, we hope to create a real demand for cryptocurrency and to bring cryptocurrency to many people who have never had the opportunity to experience them before. This brings us closer to realizing bitFlyer’s mission, Simplify the world with blockchain. We will continue to promote cryptocurrencies in the future.”

This new partnership is sure to open new doors for cryptocurrencies and Brave Browser adoption in Japan and netizens looking to support creators or publishers in the country. which would be just another step toward the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies around the world.

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