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Brave Browser Adds Support for iOS 14 Default Apps Feature

Brave Browser has announced that its latest update will add support for iOS 14’s new default app features, bringing more functionality to its users.

The privacy-focused browser is changing the way users surf the web by giving them back control over their experience and privacy, as well as integrating different crypto tools. To take advantage of everything Brave Browser offers, make sure to click here.

Brave Users Now Can Set It as Their Default in iOS 14

As a result of this addition, browser users can set Brave as their default web browser on the iPhone or iPad instead of Safari. Brave is now one of the few browsers that support this feature in iOS 14. After selecting Brave, any links that users access should be opened in the browser.

The browser claims that its performance is between 3 times and 6 times faster than Safari,  along with the additional benefit of the privacy features it includes, such as:

  • Built-in 3rd party Ad-Block
  • Pop-up blocker
  • Saves battery and data
  • Tracking protection
  • HTTPS Everywhere
  • Script blocking
  • History
  • Private and recent tabs
  • Private VPN

To set Brave as the default browser on iOS 14 or iPadOS 14, users only open the Settings app, scroll down and look for “Brave” in the list of applications, then choose “Default Browser App” and complete the change.

Brave Browser is now available on the App Store with in-app purchases to unlock certain features such as VPN connections.

A More Convenient Way to Surf the Web in iOS

While Apple's other apps are retaining the ‘default’ status, Apple iOS 14 has lifted the default app restriction that locked the company’s own apps as the defaults.

At a present, iOS allows people to use other browsers and email apps, but they couldn’t be set as the ‘default’ options. That meant when users tapped links or email addresses in other apps, it would open Safari or Apple Mail regardless if users used them.

Other third-party browsers have been also taking advantage of the new iOS 14 default app settings. This represents a higher level of customization that is sure to facilitate the use of alternative applications and provide a better user experience.

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