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Braindead Central Planners Will be Great for Crypto Prices!

Central planning is terrible for most people. The fate of millions in the former USSR was sealed by central planners who had no idea how stupid their views on how to run a society were.

By the end of what was a horrible chapter in human history – dictators were being killed by angry mobs, and the core concepts of central planning were shown to be absolutely absurd.

Today, these lessons have been disregarded, and the World Economic Forum (WEF) wants to expand central planning on a global scale.

The upshot for people who hold alternative assets is that we are likely to see our holdings rise in both nominal and actual value as centrally planned stupidity takes hold of the global economy.

The Great Reset is a Sham

According to the WEF – the whole world needs to be planned by technocrats that have been able to use the post WW2 world order to cement positions at the top of the socioeconomic ladder.

The most recent goals from this crack team of lovable psychopaths are as follows:

-Shaping the Economic Recovery
-Strengthening Regional Development
-Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution
-Revitalizing Global Cooperation
-Restoring the Health of the Environment
-Developing Sustainable Business Models
-Redesigning Social Contracts, Skills and Jobs

Of course – this all sounds amazing. Much like the Marxist crap that gives rise to hell-on-earth scenarios like Pol Pot's 'Year Zero', it is easy to market the ideas that are described above.

The problem is that any organization that would be powerful enough to actually make any of those goals a reality would have an unbelievable amount of power – which is generally not a good idea when humans are involved.

Please keep in mind that the WEF is proposing that these ideas are rolled out on a global scale, and that nations should be required to participate, or become pariahs in the new centrally planned utopia that Klaus Schwab et al. are proposing.

Really Bad Ideas Appeal to the Idiotic Masses

It would be very easy to accuse Schwab of casting too wide of a net. The planned reforms to the global social structure would be applied to the following areas:

“Blockchain; Digital Identity; Internet Governance; Development Finance; Sustainable Development; Future of Health and Healthcare; Global Governance; Financial and Monetary Systems; Public Finance and Social Protection; Climate Change; Drones; 5G; The Ocean; Banking and Capital Markets; Aviation, Travel and Tourism; International Trade and Investment; Covid-19; Biodiversity; Cities and Urbanization; Leadership in the 4IR; Geo-economics; Global Health; International Security; Geopolitics; Future of Food; Air Pollution; 3D Printing; Batteries; Circular Economy; Future of Mobility; Human Rights; Gender Parity; Taxation; Future of Media, Entertainment and Culture; Digital Economy and New Value Creation; Fourth Industrial Revolution; Future of Economic Progress; Workforce and Employment; Agile Governance; Global Risks; Advanced Manufacturing and Production; Environment and Natural Resource Security; Plastics and the Environment; Corporate Governance; Forests; Justice and Law; Civic Participation; LGBTI Inclusion; Inclusive Design; Future of Computing; Artificial Intelligence and Robotics; Systemic Racism”

The titles given to these categories are deceivingly simple.

For example 'The Ocean' is a rather deep topic, and one that simply can't be addressed by a single governing body. All of this is being presented to you so that it is very clear how delusional the global elite is – and also to show how spectacular their failure will be.

We Will See Madness Reign

It should be very clear that the powers that be are in no way interested in losing their position at the top of the economic ladder. Unfortunately for them, these position exist because of the post WW2 movement towards globalization – and that is in the process of ending.

Instead of face reality, it is very likely that powerful people who back the WHO and Schwab will act on the insane ideas outlined in 'The Great Reset' (first published in 2010), and attempt to use Blockchain Technology to somehow improve the Ocean via a program of Agile Governance that avoids Systemic Racism.

They will probably have more problems with issues like LGBTI Inclusion, as homosexual is flatly illegal in many nations, and in some, punishable by the death penalty. Small issues aside, it is clear that the elite will go forward with a global central planning initiative, which makes cryptos look like an amazing assets class.

Keep Food in Your Stomach

For anyone that isn't hip to how central planning works...well, it is pretty great for anyone who is holding hard assets that are beyond the control of the planners.

When Lenin took over Russia and the Ukraine in the early days of the Soviet experiment, he decided to take all the grain from the Ukraine – and give it to the urban masses in Russia.

This was amazing politically, and it really did make it look like communism was able to feed the people who supported the party. This came at the cost of the Ukrainians, whose emaciated bodies were stacked like cords of wood.

Cryptos will be successful in defending value – but you have to make sure that you are able to hold on to them in the face of a diabolical political movement. There will be a push to find anyone who is holding these assets, and it may have already started in the USA.

Of course, we can't tell you to break any laws – as that would be illegal. We can tell you that when central planning takes over a powerful economy, you would be wise to ask some hard questions, and make decisions based on what is good for you and your loved ones – not the state.

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