Posted 1 year ago | by Ben Armstrong

Bobby Lee Gives Ballet Hardware Wallets Away at Litecoin Summit

Bitcoin Foundation Board Member Bobby Lee revealed details of his new crypto venture at the Litecoin Summit in Las Vegas on Monday morning. Bobby Lee is also the brother of Litecoin founder Charlie Lee. Last year, Bobby Lee predicted that Bitcoin could reach as high as $330k on the next bull run.

The Ballet Wallet is advertised as the "World’s FIRST Multicurrency Non-electronic Physical Wallet" on their website. On stage at Litecoin Summit, Bobby Lee led an interactive session where he asked many questions to the audience to try to gauge their knowledge of cryptocurrency wallets. While no people in the crowd raised their hands to identify themselves as crypto wallet experts, many in the crowd seemed to have a lot of experience with desktop wallets, mobile wallets, & hardware wallets.

Bobby Lee explained the disadvantages of each type of wallet. In his opinion, there is not one specific wallet that solves all of the main issues with storing cryptocurrency including ease of use, security, and on-boarding new users. The Ballet Wallet looks to be the first wallet that can solve all of those issues and more.

All attendees of Litecoin Summit received a free "Lite" version of the Ballet Wallet that can hold Litecoin. But the full version will be able to hold many more cryptocurrencies as seen in the graphic below:

ballet wallet cryptocurrency hardware coins

Bobby Lee concluded his talk by giving attendees the chance to take 1 Litecoin out of a wallet he displayed on screen. The fastest person in the crowd to take the Litecoin out was able to keep it.