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Blockchain Health Passports Demonstrate Dangers of Centralized Authority

A recent blockchain-powered app that allows the storage of medical records for verification, especially COVID-19 tests, is clearly not what the creators of Bitcoin had in mind when they developed blockchain technology.

The AOKpass appears to be the thin end of the wedge for a much higher level of centralized authority. Developed by Perin, the purpose of AOKpass was to fill a gap where health verification now could be a bothersome pass and often takes time:

According to the CEO,

“Currently, there lacks a common technical standard for digital health passports, which creates inefficiency as travelers will have to navigate many different processes and unnecessary duplication to have their health status verified.”

Unfortunately, there is evidence that people can easily be reinfected by COVID-19, and there are also numerous strains of the virus in circulation.

The addition of new travel requirements is sure to discourage travel, which is especially dangerous for nations like Thailand – where the tourist industry provides both jobs and income to a large section of the society.

A Dangerous Idea that Will Backfire

A pilot for the program was rolled out where a team of 10 workers from Energy Drilling heading to a PTT Exploration and Production oil rig was all tested for Covid-19 and their results were housed upon AOKpass, which was later verified by Thailand’s Songkhla Port Authority.

Alex Maroske, Energy Drilling’s head of quality, health, safety, and environment commented,

“Using blockchain to secure and verify the data, as well as the ability to control and carry around your health records is a breakthrough and will be a major enabler in allowing businesses to return to work.”

As mentioned above, there are many strains of  COVID-19, and a negative test doesn't mean that a person can avoid further infection. The sad fact is that the political reaction to COVID-19 has ended the global economy, and increased violations of personal privacy won't bring it back.

The Global Economy is in a Tailspin

Make no mistake – the fallout from the COVID-19 political reaction is just starting to manifest. Global unrest will metastasize into outright conflict – both domestic (civil war) and international (hot war).

In Thailand, where this idiotic application for blockchain was created, the nation is dealing with high levels of civil unrest – the cover story is anti-monarchy sentiment – but the real reason is clearly economic.

If nations, like Thailand, continue to demand that individual rights are eroded via increased centralized authority, it is likely that it will have a lot more to worry about than a virus.

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