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Bitverse and Chain Guardians have joined forces for an exclusive drop on OpenSea! This is the second release from the Bitverse Series entitled: “Bitverse Clash!”

AdobeStock 440769357 Bitverse Partners With Chain Guardians For Open Sea Mining NFT Drop

All exclusive Bitverse Clash NFTs will be integrated into the Chain Guardians ecosystem in the coming 2 weeks and will be able to be used to mine tokens within the game. Another great way Bitboy Crypto brings innovative utility to the NFT space with the help of Chain Guardians. The exclusive drop takes place on OpenSea at 10 a.m. EST and will feature 21 different NFTs from the Bitverse with a limited varied amount of each digital character.

Bitverse is a crypto-based digital universe created with love and passion by artists and designers here at Bitboy Crypto. Bitverse is a comic book-style metaverse where superheroes and villains fight over Digital City. The main superhero Bitboy fights alongside his allies versus their adversaries to rescue the people of Digital City. The channel by the same name Bitboy Crypto was originally started with an animation in 2018 titled “Talking Bits,” a short animated skit featuring a superhero named Bitboy Crypto talking to a soundboard of Carlos Matos of Bitconnect fame. That video now has 9,819 views at the time of this writing despite being so intricately made, taking hours of work to create.

There will be a total of 15 of the following NFTs — Blockbuster, Dexter, Vanish, MrGMrR, Regulator, Seer, Staker, Ace, Toro, MYNR, Grizzly, and Bitmobile. But thats not all there will be 10 of each of — HODL, Fomo, Shill, Dr. Fud, Airdrop and Solidity.

Finally, the most rare NFTs Bitboy and the Banker will only have a maximum of 5 each, while there will only be one single NFT of a collectible Full Poster showcasing all the Bitverse characters. A total of 251 NFTs will be up for grabs on OpenSea for varying prices, until all of the Bitverse collectibles sell out.

In partnership with Chain Guardians Bitsquad members will be able to mine the BITT tokekn along with other select ERC-20s that the platform supports with these NFTs. Chain Guardians offers users a killer unique RPG experience gamified with NFT mining. Each NFT will have a hash rate given to it, depending on its individual rarity. Holders will need to connect to the Chain Guardian website to mine through Metamask. It’s important to note that users will not be required to stake the nfts, all that will be needed is hodling one of the NFTs above in your wallet address.

That’s it for this drop, a special thanks to both Justin Williams the Vice President of Bitboy Crypto NFT’s division and the artists here at Bitboy Crypto.

If you want to collect one of these NFT mining collectibles, act fast as once these sell out, you will have to re-purchase them on the open market. You can go here at this link to participate in the bidding process for your desired NFT or NFTs. But that’s all we got. Be blessed. Bitboy Crypto team out!

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