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This Thursday, July 15th, Bitboy Crypto, (Ben Armstrong) will host a Bitsquad meet up event at Battle and Brew located on 5920 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs in our home of Georgia from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. Come for the drinks, and stay for Ben’s epic rants against old finance being replaced by Decentralized Finance (DEFI.)

meetupbitboycrypto Bitsquad Meet Up In Georgia At Battle And Brew On July 15th At 7 - 10 P.M.

Established in 2005, Battle and Brew is an iconic restaurant right here in Atlanta, and the oldest gaming venue that serves both alcohol and food. The restaurant is known for its paintings of geek culture on its walls. It’s also one of few restaurants that offer customers the ability to play video games inside of the establishment.

Battle and Brew, lives up to its name providing customers with top-of-the-line PC gaming systems, the latest consoles, and board games galore for a competitive experience according to a Yelp response by the restaurant’s manager Brian. The restaurant also specializes in craft beer and hand-crafted cocktails made with the best spirits. If that’s not enough Battle and Brew boasts having the best food this side of town!

For three hours, from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. Ben will be meeting and greeting fans and answering all of your questions. So bring your best questions about blockchain, digital assets, and decentralized finance!

Ben started Bitboy Crypto, as an animation in 2018 titled “Talking Bits,” a short animated skit featuring a superhero named Bitboy Crypto talking to a soundboard of Carlos Matos of Bitconnect fame.

It took Ben a while to find the formula, but he kept pushing forward, never giving up until he had a breakthrough starting towards the end of 2020. Then that really made headway in 2021 starting with roughly 100K subscribers, quickly accelerating to 1 million subscribers as one of the fastest-growing Youtube channels not just in cryptocurrency but in general. Ben brought TJ on board, hired a whole office of professionals, and Bitboy Crypto was reborn with a studio and collective vision to push crypto digital assets mainstream and educate the public.

With over 20+ employees working in the office behind the scenes alone at Bitboy Crypto and countless others working abroad on other initiatives within the organization, the empire being built is clear. Bitboy Crypto and its marketing agency subsidiary Hit Network seeks to help develop the crypto space by helping aspiring creators and partnered crypto projects to grow and develop relationships, helping to shape the overall crypto space’s future. At the same time, Bitboy Crypto’s creative arm creates NFTs and is always exploring new opportunities for the business.

Even though Ben has reached a high level of Youtube fame, he has remained humble and doesn’t forget where he came from and why he became such a success, the audience! Bitboy Crypto as an organization is always looking to give back to our community the Bitsquad. More recently we hosted a Non-fungible token (NFT) sale titled: “Bitverse Punks” which featured 16 unique Bitverse characters including — Ace, Solidity, Fomo The Monkey, The Banker, and Digital City’s hero himself Bitboy Crypto.

Within those pieces of artwork, we embedded utility use-cases which include a chance to win crypto airdrops of sponsored projects, super rare collectibles, a ticket for exclusive meet-up events, VIP access, and much more.

If you ever wanted to meet the team and Ben himself come swing on by and have a free drink on us and the venue. But make sure to come early to get a good seat! A reminder that this is a BYOB event, i.e. Bring Your Own Bitcoin!


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