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Following former BITMEX CEO, Arthur Hayes reported surrender to U.S. authorities, BITMEX has announced that it may offer spot trading and custody services for clients in the future.

Former BitMEX CEO, Arthur Hayes is expected to surrender to U.S. authorities soon according to prosecutors who told a New York judge during a February hearing there is a deal being made.

The Block reported that the co-founder and former CEO of the crypto derivatives exchange — is “currently residing abroad in Singapore” and in negotiations with the U.S. government about surrendering and appearing in court to face charges levied against him by the U.S. Department of Justice.

“We with respect to defendant Hayes have discussed a surrender date of April 6, 2021, in Hawaii, and then we will — I think the plan is to notify the Court in advance of that appearance and discuss logistics for having him surrender and presented in Hawaii and then to remotely appear before your Honor, and so we anticipate making a submission to you about that as we sort of near that date for him to arrive,” U.S. Attorney Jessica Greenwood told the court.

Greenwood further stated:

“We have discussed with counsel how to arrange for a voluntary surrender, and he has proposed appearing within the United States in Hawaii and having his initial appearance there and then, subsequent to his presentment in Hawaii, to arrange for a virtual appearance before your Honor rather than appearing in the Southern District of New York physically, that he would appear before your Honor remotely, having surrendered within the United States to the marshals.”

Pavel Pogodin, who represents several plaintiffs in civil proceedings against BitMEX and its founders tweeted about the court’s transcript.

Hayes is expected to surrender in Hawaii according to Greenwood who said that “the idea would be that he would appear initially in Hawaii, then appear before your Honor remotely, and then he would continue to reside abroad with travel to the United States for appearances as needed and, of course, if there is a trial, that he would appear within the United States for that trial in New York.”

Greenwood added that bail is under discussion, in the context of a question about Hayes remaining in Hawaii. Any bail package is subject to approval by the court.

“It would include [an] agreement by the government that he be permitted to continue to reside abroad and that he would be traveling to the United States, if necessary, for court appearances and meetings with counsel,” Greenwood said.

BITMEX which is now being lead by Alexander Höptner the former CEO of the German stock exchange Börse Stuttgart, stated that the exchange has plans to offer three new services: Spot trading, brokerage, and custody services.

Alexander Höptner, CEO of BitMEX operator 100x Group, revealed the plan in a Bloomberg interview. “We have to very fast make up our mind how we want to approach these aspects and then see whether we could find a partner or whether we build something or buy something,” said Höptner.

BitMEX is also aiming to appease global regulators, said Höptner.

“We are approaching regulators where we are currently present, but we will also reach out to regulators where we are not,” said Höptner.

Bitcoin is currently trading at [FIAT: $48,552.45] DOWN -6.4% in the last 24 hours according to Coingecko at the time of this report.