Posted 5 months ago | by Catoshi Nakamoto

December has been a big month for Bitcoin, and at this point investors might be feeling a little like the Hodlers Down in Whoville; who decked halls, prepared the Roast Beast and awaited a magical Christmas season for their portfolios. But when the Hodlers were asleep all snug in their beds, with visions of lambos dancing in their heads; market volatility came in like the GRINCH and plummeted the price of Bitcoin, wicking all the way down to 42K1. That’s right– the last thing the crash took was the log for their portfolio’s fire. On their walls it left nothing but hooks, and some wire. Like the Whos who woke up to find Christmas has been stolen, when the the Hodlers saw their portfolios, they didn’t panic. They acted like they had seen a market crash before, and in three days, the price recovered back up to 50K. One question remains: will the Holders down in WhoVille be heard actually singing2 about their portfolios this Christmas season?

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