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Bitcoin, IOST, and Fantom are Ready for a Run as the Market Crash Seems to Have Been Cancelled

This year has been a difficult year for people around the world with the rise of the Covid-19 epidemic, social unrest, economies in disarray, fires, and locust swarms, events that seem appropriate for a Hollywood blockbuster. However, there is an area this year has been kind to, the crypto world.

Now, the crypto market seems to be in the cusp of an absolute breakout reminiscent of the one experienced by bitcoin in 2016 as the United States seems to be getting ready to reactivate its economy and resume normal operation.

Make sure to watch the latest video from Bitboy Crypto to learn more about how the time is perfect for a bitcoin run and about the drama that has ensued as a result of its node in IOST.

These Cryptocurrencies Seem to be Ready for a Run

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies have experienced levels of interest from organizations, governments, and individuals as they realize the potential both technologies have to offer.

This growing interest would have seemed surprising in the past years but this year, al the signs were right there pointing at it with only a possible market crash sowing the seeds of doubt.

However, American President Donald Trump signaled the return to normal by demanding governors to return to normal activities or face federal defunding, which signals the interest of the federal government to keep the market afloat.

With economic activity returning to something more normal, the potential crash for the stock market seems to have been avoided, which will have a direct impact on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the better.

Bitcoin is Determined to Break the 10K Barrier

Bitcoin’s price is now hovering around $9.2k at this time as it has been waiting the moment to break the 10k barrier for a while after its drop in February, which has caused a lot of speculation.

In the past, speculation and Bitcoin criticism has been an antecedent to spikes in the value of the cryptocurrency which is known by many as “liquid gold”, with gold coincidentally approaching an all-time high.

Many experts remain optimistic about the potential for the current situation to boost a bitcoin rally as a lot of pieces are positioned to help BTC break 10k as its volatility is currently lower than traditional assets, the doge virality has placed crypto on the spotlight once again, and the market seems to have recovered.

IOST is Back in the Top 100

After falling below rank 100, IOST has made a comeback after by making it to rank 84, returning to the position with new partnerships like the one with HitHub in the Global Blockchain Open-Source Node Program.

IOST is a network that allows users to participate in it by staking in nodes they want to support, which is known as voting, helping the node to go up in the ranks and earning an annual yield based on its ranking.

For example, voting for Bitboy’s node which has 33.5 million votes staked on it, would mean that its supporters could earn a 13% annual yield based on a contribution system created by the
IOST network.

To get this 13% annual yield, the node would have to be “tier 1” each quarter by contributing to the top level of nodes in its category, content creation in the case of Bitboy Crypto.

With the initial tier rankings being released and Bitboy Crypto being at tier 1 again after achieving it for 6 quarters in a row, users who vote for the node could benefit from this annual yield.

However, there has been some drama around Bitboy’s IOST node, which you can learn more about by watching the latest video, you will learn more about the advantages of a truly decentralized blockchain network.

You can support Bitboy Crypto's node by clicking here.

Fantom is Fixing Healthcare Issues for the World Health Organization

Fantom recently fell out of the top 200 just to reenter after a brief period as the fall was probably the result of correction from its incredible run since the beginning of May, currently being in rank 166.

Fantom’s price spiked during the first week of July as a result of a news article published by Forbes regarding a blockchain trial in Afghanistan to solve the counterfeit of medicine and medical products.

According to statistics, 10% of all medicine in the world is fake or has a low quality which has an enormous impact on public health and risks millions of lives every year.

Fantom has already been approved in Afghanistan to tackle the problem of counterfeit medication by enabling the tracking of medicinal drugs and verifying their authenticity, a use that is likely to continue and expand as the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the failings of the current healthcare industry.

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