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Bitboy Crypto wants to brighten up Christmas for five families this year with $1,500 each.

This year has been rough for many people, so we want to give back to five families to help gift a merry Christmas. While the pandemic has made life hard for numerous individuals, we have been very grateful this year and made astronomical gains. Both in crypto and in the organization itself, growing from a few thousand followers on Youtube to over 168,000 at the time of this article.

So we want to know who we can help and why we should help them? That’s where you come in!

This December, until December 14th, we will be taking video submissions for our Christmas miracle Bitboy Secret Santa contest. The rules are simple to enter, send a short video to explaining why you or a family you know deserves the help this holiday. We will be giving $1,500 to five families on December 14th or 2 weeks to help make their Christmas bright and fill presents under their trees.

We should note that this is for those who are suffering and not just for you to win cryptocurrency. We will be vetting submissions, and this is more of a way to help those in need or a giveaway than a competition.

We want to give back as it’s that time of year to be thankful and take care of other less fortunate people. We have received many requests to set up GoFundMes for these families. But have decided against it as this is our way of helping people with money out of our own pockets. You can, however, individually donate to GoFundMes or find less fortunate people at churches and local community events and give back if you are financially fortunate enough.

~Be blessed, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas, the Bitboy Crypto team.

Watch Bitboy Crypto (Ben) announce the Bitboy Secret Santa event in the video below.