Posted 1 year ago | by @devadmin

Bitboy Crypto was suspended for a week on Youtube; find out where you can now find us!

Bitboy Crypto recently published a live stream in which we discussed Steve Wozniak’s new cryptocurrency WOZX, a paid promotion for NFTLootbox, and Bitcoin’s current market moves. After we published this video, less than 24 hours later, the video was removed, and we were given a community strike for no reason at first. Only to later be told that it was for “deceptive content and scams” with the caveat of not being able to record content for a week.

However, no scams were promoted, and no deceptive content was produced. It was just Youtube targeting cryptocurrency YouTubers again. A trend which we saw last year and all throughout this year. After things seem to have cooled down, it seems like things are heating up again with our latest suspension.

Here at Bitboy Crypto, we rely on Youtube for our livelihood because that’s where all the viewers/users are. Some twenty-plus employees are behind this organization. So when Youtube suspends our ability to upload a video, that’s a big deal to us as it is for any content creator.

Now, what exactly got our video removed with a slap on the wrist is arguable. Although, we believe that it may have something to do with a comment that Jchains made about the 2020 election due to Youtube publicly announcing it would remove videos discussing election fraud, an Orwellian move, to say the least. But we don’t know for sure what really caused the video to be deleted and our capability to upload videos to be taken away for a week.

We won’t put up with this censorship, and we will explore using alternatives in addition to Youtube in the future. We have also transitioned Ben’s former Youtube channel for Facts CEO to a Bitboy Crypto back up channel titled: “The Bitsquad.” We will also continue uploading our videos to —Hyprr and LBRY just search “Bitboy.” Further, we will expand to uploading to 3Speak and Bitchute while we have great anticipation for SoMee to enable video uploads next year as well.