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The founder of Bitboy Crypto, Benjamin Armstrong, was featured in a recent interview with Michael Knowles where the two discussed everything from — Bitcoin and crypto skeptics to regulation and conspiracies about crypto tycoon John McAfee’s death.

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As the host of his self-titled show, The Michael Knowles Show, Knowles is widely known for his political channel on the Daily Wire and doesn’t typically discuss cryptocurrency or Bitcoin. During the opening of the interview, he even acknowledged that fact, stating, “I know nothing about crypto.” Knowles asked Ben to explain what exactly Bitcoin is expressing as an audience of one he knows next to nothing about the financial technology and he has underlying fears he wants to be eased. Ben responded first, clearing up the misnomer that the number one digital asset is a currency, stating:

“I personally, don’t like to use the word “cryptocurrency” because it’s one of the most common misconceptions about crypto as they aren’t all currencies. Now when Bitcoin started its mission it was certainly to be a currency.” He added, “I like to use digital assets or sometimes crypto digital assets, as I think they are much better terms.”

Ben further told Knowles that “something happened to the narrative of Bitcoin between 2015-2016 maybe even earlier than that where it shifted from digital cash its original vision to a store of value and digital gold.” He added, “Bitcoin is the greatest appreciating asset that has ever existed in the history of mankind.”

“Bitcoin is a digital alternative to gold, far superior to gold, I could go over all the reasons why and I just did a debate with Peter Schiff if you are interested in that.”

The host didn’t shy from controversy either and brought up the long-debated myth questioning whether Bitcoin was just a modern-day tulip bubble, stating that “if Bitcoin has no underlying value, is it just going to collapse one day?” Ben retorted that “big institutions are now buying Bitcoin, like Paypal, Space X, Tesla, GrayScale, Blackrock, MicroStrategy, and others.”

Ben expressed that all of these companies and hedge funds getting involved in Bitcoin is a sign that “crypto mass adoption is coming quickly.” Although, cautioning that some day it might collapse but he didn’t see that happening for 50-60 years.

Knowles also questioned Ben about the value of cryptocurrency technology besides it going up in price. Ben replied, highlighting that “we are at the beginning of an emerging technology and that smart contracts platforms like Ethereum and Cardano solve a number of problems we have currently in society.”

Regulation was also a topic that was briefly touched upon. Ben stated that Bitboy Crypto is soon going to start one of the first crypto lobbying groups for positive crypto policies in Washington. In addition, Ben told Knowles how he went to speak to Texas lawmakers earlier this year and influenced a positive crypto bill that passed the Texas House, making the state a sanctuary for crypto and miners. For more on Ben going to Texas to discuss Bitcoin, DEFI, and crypto digital assets with congressional officials and laws that have been passed nationwide, you can read this article.

“On the federal level, 90% of our politicians are owned by the banks, so it’s going to be hard to get positive policies passed,” Ben stated.

Additionally, the two also delved into the subject of conspiracy discussing who created Bitcoin. Ben explained the story of the Cypherpunks, speculating that he thinks that Bitcoin was a group project worked on by the likes of — Hal Finney, Nick Szabo, Dave Kleiman, and many others. He added, that he finds it weird that several people suspected to be the mysterious Satoshi have ended up dead referencing Finney and Kleiman’s deaths. Ben alluded to other deaths but did not mention Hal Finney’s best friend Tim May the Cypherpunks Mailing list founder himself, who was obsessed with creating a digital currency and a best friend with Finney. For more on that see Bitboy Crypto’s series on the Cypherpunks who created Bitcoin here and here. We are all Satoshi.

Ben mentioning deaths of those suspected of being Bitcoin’s founder led the host to say that he has a friend who believes John McAfee had something to do with Bitcoin. Towards the end of the interview, they discussed McAfee’s death and conspiracies surrounding it, noting that he had put out messages prior warning that he wouldn’t commit suicide months before his untimely death.

You can watch the full interview with Michael Knowles below!

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