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Bitboy Crypto (Ben Armstrong), Wendy O, and Crypto Crow (Jason Appleton) known in the cryptosphere as the “dream team” will be featured on Exploring The Block, a blockchain television show set to air on Fox Business and Bloomberg.

The segment approximately 11 minutes long is set to be broadcast on Fox Business on Oct 19th at 10:30 p.m. PST and Bloomberg OCT 24th at 3 P.M. PST. The interview was filmed by FMW Media Group as part of a series for SoMee.Social showcasing influencers for the new social media site. However, you can watch the televised video uploaded to NewToTheStreet’s website at the bottom of this article.

This is the second video of several planned to promote the blockchain based social network and as Jason Appleton said one of the first efforts to “start getting the word out about SoMee.” A previously recorded video was filmed with three actors for SoMee weeks ago, — Bejo Dohmen, Nick Dong-Sik and Peter Ivanov.

Bitboy Crypto who is an adviser to SoMee.Social, was questioned by  (CEO, Lilimax Media) Jane King who asked Ben what brought him to SoMee? Bitboy responded to King stating that he has some connections with people who work at SoMee. Bitboy also said he had heard about the social media site, and then decided to join after he found out that he had some workers and friends working there. In other words, Ben is referencing the one and only Catoshi Nakamoto the author of this press release.

Bitboy further said that he sees a lot of benefits to “decentralized social media” and SoMee’s goal of the ability to corss-post from one website to multiple networks both traditional and decentralized with partnerships with companies like — Flote, HIVE, 3SPEAK, LBRY, BitTube, and many others.

The trio also discussed censorship issues and how Youtube and other platforms are censoring users. This year the crypto community has had multiple content creators suspended on Youtube, only to have the bans walked back later. Ben stated this is one reason that he sees websites like SoMee so beneficial for content creators. Bitboy further noted that he himself has gotten strikes or warnings for no reason, which ended up being removed eventually.

But even if its a temporary ban Bitboy Crypto stated such actions by social platforms don’t go unoticed to the content creators, leading to loss of revenue and all sorts of issues. Bitboy added, that all of this ongoing censorship really makes you think, “what if this thing I built for three years is taken from me?” An unfortuante reality for many people recently since Youtube has begun a massive purge it told users was coming last year.

Wendy O, a frequently featured friend of the channel who does technical analysis was asked by King, “what will it take for decentralization and crypto to reach the masses?” Wendy explained that majority of the population doesn’t care and the way we get people excited about cryptocurrency and decentrlaization is through blockchain social media, gaming and some industries which can use blockchain. Crypto Crow was also asked if he has any insider information on any future features of SoMee? Jason Appleston responded and said SoMee plans to upgrade its smart contract and add numerous user experience upgrades.

SoMee is a blockchain-based social media platform. Users earn ONG1 for being active on their platform; posting, liking, and getting liked. SoMee’s mission is to redefine social media for privacy, end-user control, and monetization. The platform is built for influencers, social media users, and advertisers and is about to release a unique system for advertisers that gives them more control and interaction with their target audience, and that allows their target audience to target them back! SoMee has been in open beta for the past year on the web at and inside of the IOS and Android app stores under

onG1 on some exchanges or onG on others not to be confused with Ontology Gas, was featured as one of Bitboy Crypto’s top three coins to $1 million dollars earlier this year.

You can watch Bitboy Crypto explain why SoMee is poised to take over social media in the video below. SoMee’s coin onG is also featured in the header of Bitboy Crypto. SoMee has said in previous announcements that it’s planning to rebrand its coin and change its ticker symbol. For more updates on SoMee you can see their dev blog, here, and sign up for their monthly AMA on Zoho, here.

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You can view the new interview with Jane King on NewToTheStreet’s website by clicking here.

onG the cryptocurrency of SoMee.Social is currently trading at [FIAT: $0.01485365] UP 54.3% in the last 24 hours according to Coingecko at the time of this report.