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The Bitboy Crypto channel has been deleted without a reason given by our content overlords at Youtube. Here’s how you can help and where you can find us in the meantime!

BitboyCryptoCensored Bitboy Crypto Channel Deleted By Youtube With No Reason Given Again

UPDATE: thanks to the Bitsquad’s quick response our channel has been restored at 1:21 a.m. EST.

Youtube has removed the Bitboy Crypto channel, without giving a reason and only offering the ability to appeal. We have applied for an appeal, but we could use your help to kindly tell @TeamYoutube on Twitter to unsuspend the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel. Tell TeamYoutube that you want to see the channel back. So, we can continue to deliver invaluable crypto educational content and news with you and the rest of the Bitsquad. The removal happened around 11:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday night, and thus far, Youtube has failed to respond to why they deleted our channel.

There are over 20+ employees working in the office behind the scenes alone at Bitboy Crypto, while countless others work abroad on other initiatives within the organization. Then there is New Money Gang and the marketing agency subsidiary Hit Network which also has additional employees who depend on Ben Armstrong paying them a paycheque.

A lot goes into creating what has become the number one crypto Youtube channel; video editors, researchers, and graphic design artists help make what you see possible, aiding the entertaining atmosphere of the video or thumbnail image that made you click. While researchers and writers help shape some content you see on the channel.

Ironically, the Bitboy Crypto team celebrated reaching 1 million subscribers just this year in May. Ben himself just received a “Play Button” plaque from Youtube noting the milestone as a recent Daily Hit video on Hit Network shows. It’s worth mentioning that Bitboy Crypto was falsely suspended last year and given a community strike for no reason at first. Only to later be told that the strike was for “deceptive content and scams” with the caveat of not being able to record content for an entire week.

This later got overturned with the help of the Bitsquad. But as we have been saying, eventually, Youtube will want to permanently remove us as we speak the truth on this channel and don’t hold back. That time has come, but we don’t have to put up with it without a fight from our community.

Bitboy Crypto started as an animation in 2018 titled “Talking Bits,” a short animated skit featuring a superhero named Bitboy Crypto talking to a soundboard of Carlos Matos of Bitconnect fame. It slowly evolved over time into the format of research, news, and coin reviews that you know today. A lot of work has been put into building this channel from the ground up by both Ben and the rest of us here at the office and abroad.

Much love to the Bitsquad, and thank you in advance for messaging TeamYoutube and letting them know to #FreeBitboyCrypto! We are about as sick of the censorship as you are. You can tune into Bitboy Crypto on Theta and Twitch for now. We will also be exploring other social media alternatives like SoMee, which Ben Armstrong is an advisor for. It’s entirely clear that social media users and content creators need to begin decentralizing their online presence on as many platforms as possible. You can follow us on — Theta, Twitch, and SoMee —by clicking on each link and subscribing to our pages or following the Bitboy Crypto user profiles.

~Thank you, BItboy Crypto Team.

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