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After years of hard work to no avail, Bitboy Crypto, whose real name is Ben Armstrong, eventually started to see his Youtube channel start to grow in 2020. Since then, just as Bitcoin began its bull run, the Bitboy Crypto Youtube channel has been on an absolutely parabolic run itself, finally reaching 1 million subscribers on May 14th! Today, the Bitboy Crypto team celebrates collectively building the largest Youtube crypto digital asset education channel in the world!

bbcrypto1million HISTORY! Bitboy Crypto Becomes First Crypto Youtube Channel To Reach 1 Million Subscribers

With over 20+ employees working in the office behind the scenes alone at Bitboy Crypto and countless others working abroad on other initiatives within the organization, the empire being built is clear. Bitboy Crypto and its marketing agency subsidiary Hit Network seeks to help develop the crypto space by helping aspiring creators and partnered crypto projects to grow and develop relationships, helping to shape the overall crypto space’s future. At the same time, Bitboy Crypto’s creative arm creates NFTs and is always exploring new opportunities for the business.

A lot goes into creating what has become the number one crypto Youtube channel; video editors, researchers, and graphic design artists help make what you see possible, aiding the entertaining atmosphere of the video or thumbnail image that made you click. But it wasn’t always that way. If you look back at some of Ben’s older videos, you will see that at one point, it was a one-man show, just Ben and his green screen literally inside a box speaking to the audience with his signature backward baseball cap.

Although, the first episode of Bitboy Crypto was actually an animation in 2018 titled “Talking Bits,” a short animated skit featuring a superhero named Bitboy Crypto talking to a soundboard of Carlos Matos of Bitconnect fame. That video now has 8,344 views at the time of this writing despite being so intricately made, taking hours of work to create. There are even some of Ben’s older videos that have only a couple of hundreds of views before the internet discovered his snarky dad-joke humor.

It took Ben a while to find the formula, but he kept pushing forward, never giving up until he had a breakthrough starting towards the end of 2020. Then that really made headway in 2021 starting with roughly 100K subscribers, quickly accelerating to 1 million subscribers as one of the fastest-growing Youtube channels not just in cryptocurrency but in general. Ben brought TJ on board, hired a whole office of professionals, and Bitboy Crypto was reborn with a studio and collective vision to push crypto digital assets mainstream and educate the public.

Even though Ben has reached a high level of Youtube fame, he has remained humble and even gave away a thank you gift to his community The Bitsquad during today’s live stream for reaching the 1 million subscribers milestone. This giveaway consisted of – 1 BTC to 1 winner, 5 ETH (1 each) to 5 lucky winners, 4,000 Cardano (1,000 each) to 4 lucky winners, and XRP. Ben has also donated thousands of dollars to various charities and causes over the course of a year and given away cryptocurrency on multiple occasions to his subscribers.

Ben might not be a real-life comic book superhero. Still, to many, he gives hope of finally making enough money to live financially free through educating the public about digital money. You can watch the Bitboy Crypto team celebrate in the live stream video below, and check out even further footage on the Hit Network Youtube channel for behind-the-scenes video from all of us at Bitboy Crypto.

Teamwork makes the dream work, THANK YOU, BITSQUAD!!!

Signed, Bitboy Crypto Team.



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