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The Bitsquad hosted SmartKey allowing members to further learn about the project and its impressive partnerships. SmartKey also offered a reward for the best six questions $300 in $Skey or an estimated split of $50 per user selected question. Here’s a full recap of the ask me anything with SmartKey and the winners of the $Skey giveaway!

AC The SoMee Ceeker Presearcher Hiveian LBRY Bitchute(TUBE) Cat Mascot, [21.12.20 12:10]
Welcome to our AMA with SmartKey @SzymonFiedorowicz, and @martazarosa. Please introduce yourselves to our audience who may be unfamiliar with your background and your position in SmartKey. How is everyone doing today?

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:11]
Szymon Fiedorowicz, SmartKey CEO. I am IoT tech expert with vast experience in building large-scale smart grid energy management systems including hardware devices, communication channels and IoT cloud media. I have built advanced solutions for the automotive industry and car-sharing industry to manage and secure cars as well as smart home solutions with various communications standards.

Marta Zarosa, [21.12.20 12:12]
I’m Marta Zarosa, CMO – responsible for marketing for SmartKey. I used to work with many projects in blockchain space, with SmartKey since 2019.

Cat, [21.12.20 12:12]
[In reply to Szymon Fiedorowicz]
SmartKey has acquired some pretty impressive partnerships can you tell our audience about some of those and how you plan to leverage these technologies if you can?

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:13]
Yes it’s true

Cat, [21.12.20 12:13]
Thanks both of you for joining us today hopefully we can provide further information for your community and ours on Smartkey’s development and advancement as a product.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:14]
Smartkey ( running a pilot with rescue services in one of Poland’s biggest regions, enabling access to secure districts and buildings using blockchain, vastly cutting down on response times and will be fitted as standard in all new Kia electric cars in 2021. These serve as real live use cases of how blockchain technology can facilitate the smart cities of the future to power transport, utilities and other infrastructure.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:15]
Number of partnerships are rapidly growing after this news.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:15]
All our strategy is based on running products with our partners

Cat, [21.12.20 12:16]
[In reply to Szymon Fiedorowicz]
Can you give the Bitsquad and your community a Christmas present in regards to any partnerships? ?

Cat, [21.12.20 12:16]
[In reply to Szymon Fiedorowicz]
Quite an impressive list to for a blockchain company which usually this space is filled with a lot of vaporware.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:16]
Next year we will show real working solutions delivery in to global market

Marta Zarosa, [21.12.20 12:16]
We are working with our partners since many years, and our collaboration will last also when SmartKey is reaching popularity. Our partners help us to go further from global perspective. We can provide them the very important innovation that they are looking for. It’s a win-win

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:17]
It will be Smartcities products.

Marta Zarosa, [21.12.20 12:17]
[In reply to Cat ]
Thank You! We did a lotof non-blockchain business so our goal is to connect both worlds ?

Cat, [21.12.20 12:17]
Very interesting and I believe you are working in collaboration with Chainlink on the project in Poland? Is that correct?

Cat, [21.12.20 12:18]
Do you see Smartkey as the Chainlink for smart cities?

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:18]

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:18]

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:19]
We will show pretty good use-cases with Chainlink oracles next year.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:19]
It will bring real live usage for Chainlink oracles using our SmartKey connectors

Cat, [21.12.20 12:19]
Now when looking at your partnerships I saw Teltonika Networks which specializes in IOT devices and GPS devices, is there anything you can reveal where that partnership is heading? Can we expect Teltonika to integrate smart key into their products?

Marta Zarosa, [21.12.20 12:20]
Chainlink oracles will be used to connect SmartKey Ecosystem devices to real-world data from IoT networks, web APIs, and more, enabling them to execute actions based on that data. This will open up new data-driven smart contract use cases in IoT, such as automatic activation of emergency response systems during bad weather conditions, authorized access to gated municipal areas when city-wide alerts are issued, and many more future capabilities.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:20]
[In reply to Cat]
It’s happening now

Cat, [21.12.20 12:20]
Please hold on I am getting our bot manager to remove Rose

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:20]
SmartKey will be compatible with all Teltonika devices

Cat, [21.12.20 12:21]
My apologies we thought we removed all the bots.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:21]
That’s mean SmartKey will be available to all Teltonika customers

Marta Zarosa, [21.12.20 12:21]
You can see Teltonika devices that came to our office here:

Cat, [21.12.20 12:22]
[In reply to Szymon Fiedorowicz]

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:22]
We plan to organise hakatons with Teltonika how to create decentralised solutions

Cat, [21.12.20 12:23]
[In reply to Szymon Fiedorowicz]
Interesting definitely sounds promising with such a large company.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:23]
Over 12 millions devices

Cat, [21.12.20 12:24]
Now on your website you say that various big name businesses are testing your technology like Airbnb is there a potential partnership there in the future? ?

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:24]
It will be biggest blockchain implementation in the world

Marta Zarosa, [21.12.20 12:24]
Of course this is the idea that will be announced soon to our community, so everyone will be able to create its ones solutions and use case on blockchain ?

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:25]
We are collaborating with lots of partners with sharing economy usecases

Cat, [21.12.20 12:25]
How would a home equipped with Smartkey look like? What functions would the home owner be able to control using Smartkey? Are we talking heating, cooling, electric and water or what’s the vision here?

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:26]
You can use devises connected to the blockchain in hotels and private apartments

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:26]
And offices

Cat, [21.12.20 12:26]
So as an example a wifi network?

Marta Zarosa, [21.12.20 12:27]
We are working on huge partnerships to be announced in 2021. Our goal is to show to the world that almost each asset can be connected to blockachain as BoT “Blockchain of Thing”. So we are building partnerships with hotel networks, telekoms, hardware producers and many more.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:27]
[In reply to Cat]
You can connect any device that are using internet connection

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:27]
Gsm and Wi-Fi also

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:28]
Smartkey it’s easy to use to any of those existing devices bringing more secure and function

Cat, [21.12.20 12:28]
[In reply to Marta Zarosa]
One of the biggest I think I saw was a test of Mercedes, can we expect further car manufactures using the Smartkey technology in tests like this next year?

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:29]

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:29]
We will show next step with Kia

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:29]
But not only with them.

Cat, [21.12.20 12:30]
Any other car manufactures you can mention that aren’t under NDA?

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:30]
Next year you are be able to buy and connect any other car brands yourself.

Cat, [21.12.20 12:31]
Oh wow that’s incredible so essentially allowing the users of smartkey connect IoT devices and car brands themselves?

Cat,  [21.12.20 12:31]
Further securing their devices.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:31]
[In reply to AC The SoMee Ceeker Presearcher Hiveian LBRY Bitchute(TUBE) Cat Mascot]

Marta Zarosa, [21.12.20 12:31]
We are planning the big collaboration with American car manufacturer, but we can’t tell more now 🙂

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:32]
Thanks to our new partners that we will announce on January 2021

Cat, [21.12.20 12:32]
Now the smart key solution is built on a dual blockchain of Waves and Etheruem. Do you plan to create your own blockchain in the future or stay on Ethereum and Waves?

Cat, [21.12.20 12:32]
What does being on Waves and Ethereum offer SmartKey, as opposed to a private blockchain solution?

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:32]
We are working with big companies we have some restrictions

Cat, [21.12.20 12:33]
[In reply to Szymon Fiedorowicz]
Of course, always with the non disclosure agreements I completely understand!

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:33]
[In reply to AC The SoMee Ceeker Presearcher Hiveian LBRY Bitchute(TUBE) Cat Mascot]
Etherium is to slow and to expensive to use it

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:33]
That’s why we combine two Blockchains

Cat, [21.12.20 12:34]
[In reply to Szymon Fiedorowicz]
Makes sense, but can we expect as you grow for you to shift to your own private blockchain or will you keep the waves/ethereum combo?

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:34]
Waves it’s incredibly fast and Advanced

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:34]
[In reply to AC The SoMee Ceeker Presearcher Hiveian LBRY Bitchute(TUBE) Cat Mascot]
We are working on that also

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:35]
But we are waiting what ethereum 2.0 will bring.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:35]
We don’t want to compete with Blockchains

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:35]
We want to use them in best way

Cat, [21.12.20 12:36]
Another large IoT deal that you guys managed to acquire is with a company known as Ferguson Ferguson. Can you tell our audience a bit about Ferguson and Ferguson and how this company will help SmartKey, as well as some of the products that they sell?

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:36]
For corporate usage we need private Blockchains also and we are working on it.

Cat, [21.12.20 12:37]
[In reply to Szymon Fiedorowicz]
Makes sense yes better to leverage existing tech then to reinvent and re-create the wheel so to speak.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:37]
[In reply to AC The SoMee Ceeker Presearcher Hiveian LBRY Bitchute(TUBE) Cat Mascot]
It’s a largest IoT distribution company in Europe

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:38]
They will offer new devices with SmartKey on board

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:38]
Everyone will able to buy and use it

Marta Zarosa, [21.12.20 12:39]
As well Ferguson is third world manufacturer and global leader in innovative solutions that sells 300,000 devices annually – connected to the network of SmartKey connectors.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:39]
We are working also on special devices that we’ll be exclusive for Ferguson brand

Cat, [21.12.20 12:40]
Well you guys provided an insightful view into where things are going for Smartkey. Is there anything else further you would like to add before we jump into user questions? Remember guys stick around the best 6 questions will win $50 in SmartKey as chosen by the SmartKey team, so get those questions ready!

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:41]

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:41]

Cat, [21.12.20 12:41]
Anything we didn’t touch on that you would like our audience to know about Smartkey?

Cat, [21.12.20 12:41]
Sure thing.

Cat, [21.12.20 12:42]
Actually I have one more question after that I just realized I didn’t ask that slipped my mind.

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:42]

Marta Zarosa, [21.12.20 12:42]
Would be good to mention that we are already on uniswap with great success – the volume and the rate is growing.

Cat, [21.12.20 12:43]
I was just going to ask where can users buy $Skey?

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:43]

Szymon Fiedorowicz, [21.12.20 12:43]
We can proceed with questions

Cat, [21.12.20 12:43]
Ill say I know you just partnered with Probit one of my personal exchange partners. ?

Cat, [21.12.20 12:43]
Okay great ill open the floodgates.

Winners of the AMA:

@Axlowy, ??Shin Coffee ?? , @adi27890, @juliepresica, @rokso99 and Pichu please message @martazarosa to claim your prize. Thanks to SmartKey for today’s informative AMA!