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Trust Wallet Adds New Feature

The Trust Wallet is the only official wallet of the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. The Trust Wallet is very beginner friendly and provides a great user experience while still delivering a high level of security.

In early 2019, Binance's Trust Wallet presented its Multi-DEX allowing customers to exchange cryptocurrencies through their mobile wallet. The next evolution of the Multi-Dex will go live at 9am PST on November 1st as Trust Wallet introduces its new Market Order Book.

Trust Wallet Founder Viktor Radchenko explains what this means for users of the decentralized mobile wallet app:

With this feature update, the new exchange feature will allow you to place limit orders, look at your trade history, giving you more control over how you Trade.

One problem decentralized exchanges have typically experienced is a lack of liquidity. But with the Trust Wallet order book, users will be able to tap into the high level of liquidity that the Binance DEX offers. This means that orders have a much higher chance of getting filled.

Other advantages of using a decentralized exchange include cheaper fees, faster transactions, & more security due to the fact there is not one singular point of failure. However, most importantly, user funds never leave their actual wallets. "Not your keys, not your crypto" has been a rally cry in the cryptocurrency community over the last year or so. Keeping the security in the hands of customers keeps everyone in the industry more secure.

This update also debuts a new Dark Mode for the mobile application. Many apps including Telegram & Twitter have very popular dark modes so this will allow for traders to be able to keep many of their apps consistent if they prefer a dark mode experience.

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