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Binance Research Partners with IntoTheBlock to Integrate New Crypto Data Tools

The analytics division of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Binance Research is setting up to regenerate their site by collaborating with the Miami-based data visualization platform IntoTheBlock (ITB).

ITB works to provide deep insights into on-chain data for the crypto market. The firm’s regeneration has come two years after its launch in 2018. Binance is likely the largest crypto exchange by daily turnover, and also has a dedicated site for US-based investors.

If you would like to learn more about what Binance offers, please click right here. It has a range of crypto tools for retail traders and is also a great choice for institutional investors as well.

Binance Research Partners With IntoTheBlock for Update

According to a blog post from May 22, Binance Research disclosed that it is set to revamp their site, which aims to provide crypto market participants with actionable insights by adding more features and content.

Binance Research has been a popular site that provides insights into the undercurrents driving the volatile and rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market for traders and investors since its launch.

Under the partnership with IntoTheBlock, the research arm of the popular exchange would like to add an extra layer of data to these insights.

ITB had a Lot to Offer

IntoTheBlock offers insights into the data and behavior underlying the vast majority of digital assets by using machine learning and statistical modeling, and also works with CryptoSlate to offer insights to its readers.

Speaking about the partnership with Binance Research, the CEO of ITB, Jesus Rodriguez, said:

“Binance Research has become one of the premier venues for unique, high-quality research about the crypto space. We feel that the combination of content and analytics provided by Binance Research and IntoTheBlock delivers a unique value proposition to the crypto community.”

The newly updated website will be a valuable resource for the exchange’s users.

The research platform noted that it is expanding its coverage to over 200 projects and tokens, which are listed on Binance, and ITB data will be integrated into its regularly released in-depth research reports.

To wit:

“From high-level information regarding the overall direction of crypto projects to granular data on transaction numbers, addresses, and other minute details, Binance Research seeks to be the information hub for in-depth analysis of major crypto projects.”

Binance is rapidly becoming a major force in the crypto markets, which could put it into a privileged position as tokens become more common in the global financial markets.

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