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Binance Charity Donates Over 20.000 Personal Protective Equipment to Fight COVID

Binance has donated over 20.000 protective equipment to hospitals in Ukraine to aid in the fight against the COVID Pandemic trough Binance Charity.

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The Crypto Community is Helping Those Fighting the Pandemic

Binance charity donated personal protective equipment (PPE) in support of Rotary Kyiv International to medical staff in Ukrainian hospitals who are currently fighting the COVID pandemic, one of the worst pandemics to ever exist.

A total of 4 hospitals received the donation from the foundation: Kiev City Hospital No. 4, Kiev City Hospital No. 5, Bila Tserkva City Hospital No. 2, and Poltava Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The equipment received by these hospitals consisted of over 11,000 medical protective suits, 6,000 medical masks, and 6,000 medical respirators.

It is estimated that the PPE would benefit over 4.000 medical personnel in a country were more than 54.000 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed, with over 10.000 people currently hospitalized.

Helen Hai, Binance Charity’s Head, talked about the donation by stating:

“Through Binance Charity’s Crypto Against COVID campaign, Binance Charity uses its platform to raise cryptocurrency donations and have it spent primarily on buying medical supplies for the countries that are affected the worst by the virus. Three months after the launch of the Crypto Against COVID campaign, 24 countries and more than 1.5 million units of personal protective equipment has been delivered around the world. On behalf of Binance, we express our deepest gratitude to all of our medical staff for their valiant work in the fight against the Coronavirus,”

The Crypto against COVID Campaign has raised over 433 Bitcoin (over 4 million USD) which have been distributed between 37 end-beneficiaries since April of 2020.

Harvesting the Power of Crypto to Help at a Global Level

Binance charity is the first blockchain-powered donation platform created to allow transparent donations through blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

With Binance Charity, donors can see the social impact their donations, giving them trust that might not be possible with other types of donations while allowing the recipients to receive the totality of the donation anywhere in the world.

Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, referred to the initiative by saying that:

“Binance Charity is dedicated to improving the transparency in the donation process and to supporting communities in need via cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As a leading blockchain-empowered charity platform, we take it as a priority to unite the blockchain community and fight this global crisis together”

Binance charity has raised a total of 949.91 BTC so far which represents over 9 Million dollars donated by 1677 donors. These donations have benefited about 106631 persons or groups who required it, helping them and allowing the crypto community to give back.

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