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Binance Adds 15 New Currencies to Fiat Gateway in New Partnership with Etana Custody

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has announced a new partnership with crypto asset and fiat money institutional custodian Etana Custody, paving the way for the addition of 15 national currencies to its platform.

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Binance Users can Enjoy a Deposit Service for Multiple National Currencies

As a result of this partnership, Binance now supports 15 fiat currencies across the Asian, North American, European and Oceanian markets when depositing.

These currencies include the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Swiss Franc (CHF), Czech Koruna (CZK), Euros (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Danish Krone (DKK), Hungarian Forint (HUF), Mexican Peso (MXN), Norwegian Krone (NOK), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Polish złoty (PLN), and Swedish Krona (SEK).

Wei Zhou, Binance’s CFO, informed users they can now transfer funds via a SWIFT wire transfer:

"After linking Binance accounts to Etana accounts, Binance users can wire funds directly from their bank accounts to Etana, and then have their Etana fiat balance credited to the corresponding Binance accounts instantly and free of charge by initiating a fiat deposit request on Binance."

Users will be able to use this service from July 7 of 2020 to August 5 of 2020 with no fees as Etana will be waiving the for deposits over $1000, but a $35 bank wire transfer will still apply.

While the minimum deposit and withdrawal limit is $150, the maximum deposit and withdrawal limit will depend on the level of the Binance account linked.

An Accessible Fiat Gateway for Binance Users

According to Mr. Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, this partnership will make crypto more accessible for users around the world.

“The integration helps to make access to digital assets more effortless for people across the European, Asian, North American, and Oceanian markets”, said Mr. Zhao.

Binance has been continuing the expansion of its global services by developing several partnerships and acquisitions to encourage crypto adoption and ease of use.

Changpeng Zhao has spoken about the global expansion of the exchange before, by stating:

“At Binance, we are committed to furthering global digital assets adoption by launching multiple fiat-to-digital assets gateways. Binance’s fiat gateways cover over 170 countries and regions in the world and we are continuing to add more to make crypto more available across the globe.”

Meanwhile, Brandon Russel, the CEO of Etana Custody also expressed is satisfaction with the partnership and with the shared visions the companies have.

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