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BDAM and Partner to Enhance Crypto Adoption

The partnership between BDAM and hopes to empower the process of crypto adoption, and help both customers and merchants to get going with cryptos. Anyone in the market is now now able to pre-order products across 900,000 global brands and stores thanks to the partnership between the two companies.

For the last few years, the big focus of crypto industry has been on making coins or tokens, launching new ICOs and STOs, and giving people hopes of a new financial system. However, several firms that concentrated only on currency development struggled to launch blockchain products for deployment in the real-world marketplace.

British Digital Asset Management (BDAM) Has a Wide Scope

British Digital Asset Management (BDAM), a project of BDAM Foundation, is striving to change this pathway by developing a complete financial ecosystem. This system concentrates on 5 key aspects: decentralized banking, trading, a crypto-payment portal, a dedicated decentralized application distribution store (dApp) and a remittance engine.

BDAM has already launched a hybrid crypto asset exchange BDAMX in this pursuit which enables simultaneous trading in the EOS, ETH, BTC and USD markets. Furthermore, BDAMPay has been developed and lets users to spend their cryptocurrencies via merchants and e-commerce platforms.

A Solid Partnership

The management at BDAM is focusing on paving the way for mass deployment of crypto and blockchain solutions in the real-world with its partnership agreement with Zapaygo. Customers and merchants are ab;e to pre-order products across 900,000 stores and global brands.

Regular customers can begin to actively use and invest cryptocurrencies and fiat at more than 900,000 stores hotels, restaurants, stadiums, and venues.

Zapaygo has strategic alliances with The NEC Group (Europe's largest leisure and event organization with 7 million annual visitors and more than 750 events per year) and Verteda (the NEC Group's EPOS network and the majority of high-profile football clubs and concert arenas in the UK.

Verteda has an average of 1 million transactions each month), which will help BDAMPay users spend their crypto holdings throughout various locations and events.

Leadership for Crypto Adoption

BDAM CEO, Jaian Cutteri, underlined the positive impact of this collaboration on the crypto industry. The ecosystem offered by BDAM has a potential to enhance crypto spending in the real world.

Additonally, it can support potential startups by providing them with a platform for launching their businesses while generating much needed liquidity and helping them develop. BDAM's new collaboration with Zapaygo will help both businesses serve customer expectations while leading the industry's efforts towards real-world cryptocurrency implementation.

Zapaygo’s CEO, Elliot Hall, agreed that this partnership can help change the way people shop and spend cryptocurrency in everyday places, making it closer to par with fiat currency.

Elliot commented:

“Imagine having access to over a thousand food stores, restaurants, cafes, and bars: all ready to accept your cryptocurrencies and that too at a priority. This is what we hope to achieve with Zapaygo and BDAM.”

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