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OKEx Cryptocurrency Exchange To Shut Down After Regulations In South Korea

OKEx cryptocurrency exchange is set to shut down as South Korea passes a new law making order book sharing illegal between exchanges. OKEx Korea released a statement in Korean stating customers must withdraw their fiat and crypto funds before Apr. 7th, at which time the exchange will shut down permanently and be unable to fulfill… Read More

Japan’s Medical Project Pracs Completed Phase 1 of IOST Integration

University-born health tech venture, Pracs and IOST core developer, EverSystem have developed a prototype and completed the first phase of the introduction of the Personal Health Record (PHR), a system that allows users to manage their own health information. This project aims to manage personal health data as a health handbook using blockchain technology and… Read More

Deutsche Bank Calls Bitcoin “Too Important To Ignore” Now Third Largest Currency

Deutsche Bank has released a document entitled “Bitcoins: Can the Tinkerbell Effect Become a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?” part of a three-part series of “The Future of Payments: Series 2.” Deutsche Bank’s research analyst states that BTC is “too important to ignore.” In a Tweet on Mar. 19th, the bank highlighted the report noting that Bitcoin was… Read More

Ferrum Network introduces Rocket Vault, a Smart Vault delivering Highest APY!

Ferrum Advisory Services brings you Rocket Vault, a Smart Vault powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms which adopt a data-driven approach to originate unique vault strategies to minimize losses and maximize gains to provide the significantly higher yield than any competitor. Importance of Rocket Vault Project Interacting with multiple staking platforms, or trying… Read More

AMA RECAP: Interview With HowDoo

Earlier this week, this author interviewed the HowDoo team to discuss what’s coming to their blockchain including — farming, staking, and NFTs. The CEO of Hyprr David Brierley a dapp built on HowDoo’s blockchain further chimed in with updates on the long-awaited social media application. Both teams expressed that there was a lot in the… Read More

Crypto.com Appoints Joe Conyers III as EVP, NFT Platform

Preparations are underway for the launch of an invite-only NFT platform HONG KONG, March 16, 2021 — Crypto.com is proud to announce the appointment of Joe Conyers III as EVP, NFT Platform. Joe will oversee the development of Crypto.com’s invite-only NFT platform that will feature the world’s top artists, athletes and sports leagues. Joe most recently served as… Read More

Jerome Powell: “A Digital Dollar And Physical Cash Must Co-Exist”

Jerome Powell has stated that a central bank digital currency (CBDC) won’t remove the need for physical cash in the near future. Instead, a digital U.S. dollar would work in tandem with the physical fiat version. Powell repeated a key point made in a recent Bank for International Settlements report the Fed contributed to, stating,… Read More

Another Facebook Digital Currency Diem Co-Founder Leaves Project

Kevin Weil, a Facebook executive and a leader of Diem, the company’s digital currency initiative, announced he was leaving the project. The announcement seems to be another hindrance for Facebook’s crypto project, which the company has had postponed due to regulatory concerns. Weil one of the co-founders of the digital currency project Diem that was… Read More

IOST iWallet to Support local development Soon

Recently, developers in the IOST community took the initiative to help the IOST team with the connection development and debugging function of the local node of iWallet. Thanks to this action, iWallet will soon support local development, which is very useful for the development of smart contracts and is convenient for developers to debug. At… Read More

Crypto.com Launches $200m Fund For Crypto Startups

Crypto.com Launches $200m Fund For Crypto Startups Crypto.com Capital to invest in projects at Seed and Series A stages. Crypto.com today announced the launch of Crypto.com Capital, its venture arm dedicated to investing in crypto startups at seed and series A stage. With $200 million earmarked for investment, Crypto.com Capital is poised to accelerate the… Read More

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