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Startbahn, Inc. Announces Art x Blockchain Platform Call for Partners

Art and Crypto currency unite in the creation of an Art Blockchain Network (ABN) by Starbahn, Inc, a Tokyo based company. To herald this innovation, a whitepaper will be released on October 15, 2019, and the mainnet will be available in January 2020.

ABN is working to make art transactions transparent. Such transactions include, but are not limited to, provenance verification, artist statements, ownership issues, copyright management and transactional distribution rules.

Ethereum is used for numerous purposes, and is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies. Like most cryptos it has risen in value this year. ABN is another real-world use case for the Ethereum blockchain.

Starbahn is Built on Ethereum

Developed by Starbahn, ABN is an Ethereum-based network, and in October 2018, ABN was deemed a blockchain start up to watch. The art market is more opaque than many other markets, and it is worth billions of USD.

According to the company’s public statement, ABN is unique in its offerings, emphasizing both innovative design and viable credibility. The focus appears to be on validating the accuracy of the sources of the art works, since this is an area of extreme importance due to rampant corruption.

The blockchain aims to provide key information, so that buyers and investors can have a full history of a particular artwork. In an effort to maintain credibility, other art blockchain projects will be monitored and systematic upgrades to the ABN will occur.

ABN is Built for the Art Market

In keeping with the demands of the current art market, ABN will provide new methods of inputting and calculating sales and profits to the producers and owners, particularly in the instance in which art works are sold or traded a second time, and when art works are sold to multiple buyers and/or art fund investors.

ABN claims to be ushering in a new technological era to the art world. The platform is a shared base for the art industry, applicable to artists, collectors, galleries, auction houses, foundations and E-commerce service providers. All works of art, such as paintings, sculpture, photography, digital and graphic items will be considered.

The ultimate goal of ABN is to create an environment that promises confidence and value in art and culture for prosperity. If interested, the company is accepting advanced registration on the teaser site of

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