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Banking services for crypto: imagine that. Calling an 800 number and getting a live agent, ready to help you with a crypto transaction. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Especially considering the millions of users that are used to this customer service in banking, and want to see it in crypto as well. What if banking and crypto could be all in one place? Now that sounds like something the general public can get on board with. Enter Scallop: an interface where users can store crypto and fiat in one place; and have all the functionality of DeFi protocols but with more customer service. Unlike some other centralized platforms, users maintain full control of their keys, and they can receive DeFi rewards on fiat deposits. With Scallop’s smart new banking system, fiat and crypto can be exchanged easily through a direct link to Uniswap, and NFTs will be tradable with crypto and Fiat. GBP and IBAN bank account services for daily use, with fifteen multi-currency fiat wallets that can accumulate interest with Scallop Earn. Credit cards? They’ve got ‘em. Scallop Visa cards in Titanium metal for Elite members. All major currencies can be sent and received in one click, and payments for retail items and services can be made using any token or currency in the user’s wallet. Scallop even has its own blockchain: Scallop Chain, a next-generation cross-chain banking platform that connects traditional banks with cross blockchain applications. Now this sounds like the makings of crypto adoption. And the best part? All these updates are coming soon. So stay tuned and find out how you can take full advantage of the upcoming news from Scallop.

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