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Adoption Inbound: Cartesi Labs $1M US Ecosystem Fund, Binance Pay, and more!

Cartesi Monthly Report - April

April 30, 2021 — April has been another busy month for the Cartesi team! We are working non-stop with the goal of decentralizing the world and paving the way for adoption by bringing the next million developers to blockchain.

One of our most exciting announcements for this month includes launching Cartesi Labs, a $1,000,000 US ecosystem fund that offers a suite of programs to drive the adoption of Cartesi’s technology and ecosystem. We also kicked this off by announcing a partnership with IMPA to launch a local Cartesi Lab at one of the world’s most renowned mathematics institutes.

In addition to this, we announced integrations and new listings for CTSI on Polygonpairs on Quickswap, and integrated CTSI with Binance Pay. We also worked hard on development and our upcoming milestones for this quarter, recapping our achievements in this month’s update.

Alongside these exciting announcements, we also achieved rapid growth on Noether, now having over 70M CTSI now staked, released a new transparency report for the latest foundation release, an April update video, an abundance of AMA’s, a new tech feature on how we’ll enable smart cities, and lots of media coverage!

Want to learn more about April’s movements listed above? We’ve summarized each of them for you, have a read below:

Cartesi Labs

Cartesi Labs offers a one-stop-shop for education, incubation, funding, and acceleration of project teams and founders looking to build on Cartesi’s game-changing platform. Collaborating with prominent mentors and with extended support from venture capital partners and niche accelerators, Cartesi Labs will be funded by the Cartesi Foundation with an initial amount of $1,000,000 US in available funds, consisting of four arms.

Check it out and apply to a program now at

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Cartesi Labs at IMPA

Cartesi will be partnering with IMPA to create an arm of Cartesi Labs, working with aspiring PhD’s and professionals who will contribute to research and development activities, expanding on new or existing projects the Cartesi team is currently working on. The activities performed in the Cartesi Lab will focus on further expanding and improving existing Cartesi products, as well as performing in-depth R&D within several industries including blockchain technology and decentralized computing.

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Smart Cities Deserve Smart Contracts: The Missing Piece of the Enterprise IoT Puzzle

With Cartesi, IoT companies can ensure the authenticity and integrity of data in a trustless and secure manner.

We’re paving the way for an explosion of opportunities within the IoT industry through the introduction of verifiable computation.

Read more in one of our latest articles here.

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Partnerships and Integrations

In a big move towards expanding the use-cases and utility of CTSI, we integrated CTSI with Binance Pay!

Cartesi’s CTSI was added as a payment method on Binance Pay. Millions of Binance users and participating merchants are now able to make and receive payments in CTSI!

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CTSI was Integrated with Polygon’s Matic PoS Chain and Listed on QuickSwap

We announced that CTSI holders can now wrap their CTSI and take advantage of the fast-speeds and low-cost transactions on Polygon.

Following this, we announced that new pairs were added to Quickswap!

CTSI Polygon (Matic PoS Chain) Address:

April 2021 Monthly Cartesi Report

CTSI Activities and Staking

During April, we saw an explosion of organic growth on Noether. We have now hit a milestone of over 70M CTSI staked via Noether’s PoS System, and at the time of writing 200 nodes, resulting in a 23.3% participation rate.

As a reminder, visit our CTSI Reserve Mining website for more info on participating and joining the ecosystem.

April 2021 Monthly Cartesi Report

We also held several rounds of Binance Savings for CTSI:

April 2021 Foundation Unlock Transparency Report

As the most recent unlock of Cartesi Tokens (CTSI) occurred on April 23rd, 2021, we were pleased to provide another official transparency report on the Cartesi Foundation’s governance, operations and how CTSI tokens are allocated in succession to our previous transparency reports.

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Welcome to the Team

We had a rapid month of expansion at the Cartesi team, onboarding over 7 additional team members, with no intention of slowing this down.

Throughout April, we onboarded several engineers and business professionals:

April 2021 Monthly Cartesi Report

Community Updates

At the beginning of the month, Erick de Moura (Cartesi CEO) released a new update video on Cartesi

We also held several AMA’s throughout the month:

If you are interested in developing with Cartesi, don’t forget to join our development community on Discord and follow along.

Also, make sure to apply to the brand new Cartesi Labs program!

Cartesi in the Media

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