Posted 8 months ago | by Ben Armstrong

Apple Won't Embrace Cryptos – Have Fun Being Left Behind

Apple is still determined to restrict crypto functionalities on the iOS version of Coinbase. This seems like a pretty bad idea, as Apple is pushing everyone (on the planet) to Android.

A recent tweet by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said,

“Apple has been very restrictive and hostile to cryptocurrency over the years. They're still blocking some functionality right now, including the ability to earn money with cryptocurrency by completing tasks, and unrestricted dApp browsers.”

The feud between Apple and Coinbase started in December last year, where Coinbase was forced to remove its dApp browser function on iOS to comply with the App Store policy.

Armstrong later wrote on Reddit,

“Coinbase CEO here. This is really unfortunate to see. Apple seems to be eliminating usage of Dapps from the App Store...Presumably this would extend to other wallets as well (Trust, Argent, Metamask) it’s beyond Coinbase and IMO a very big threat to the ecosystem.”

This shows Apple’s conservative view on crypto could hinder its growth, and destroy the utility of iOS for anyone that is serious about using cryptos.

Apple is a Monopoly that Won't Last

With whatever petty excuses Apple could use to justify its crypto hatred, it is undeniable that Samsung is already miles ahead on embracing the crypto and blockchain technology.

Recently, Samsung has partnered up with Gemini to ultimately allow Samsung Galaxy owners to purchase and sell crypto using only their phones. Additionally, the device itself could act as a cold storage for users to store their precious tokens.

According to the Cointelegraph – in 2019, there were 298.1 million units shipped worldwide. With such a large user base and phones at a wide variety of prices, the adoption of Samsung hardware by crypto users is a sure thing.

In order to streamline the acquisition of crypto, Gemini on the Samsung blockchain also caters to newcomers. Focusing on simple buy-and-hold investments, providing a carefree and beginner-friendly experience.

Not a Great Idea

It isn't hard to see the connections between Apple and the US intelligence apparatus. The iPhone was developed as a data gathering device, and has been used to manipulate people globally to shadowy ends.

The US government and the US dollar are in real trouble – and cryptos are a competing currency system. It should come as no surprise that Apple won't support crypto use, given the magnitude of the problems that the US is facing.

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