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1*SuDyV9FHtzXUaF9seefhFA Announcing the Next Staking Project: SkyX

Dear Ferrum Community,

We are thrilled to announce the next Ferrum Network staking project — SkyX Token!

SkyX Token is the native token of Sukai social media mobile app. All interactions from advertising clicks to likes, post and all forms of engagements on Sukai earn users SkyX Token backed by real revenues generated just like it happens on all mainstream social media platforms. However your data always remains your own, as per your privacy setting and data is not stored on servers but rather collected via AI and algorithms and converted into a NFT utilising WEB3 protocols. A user always soley retains their data in an encoded manner held in their personal NFT/s and have the option to sell, auction or rent their data to advertisers, corporations and institutions. SkyX can be earned via Sukai and/or bought and traded in the open market creating an automatic onboarding of crypto and non crypto literate users to the SkyX ecosystem and marketplace.

With SkyX Token and Sukai, you Own yourself! Benefit from your most valuable resources, TIME, PERSONAL DATA and interactions all stored in your own NFT/s formats.

In this article, we describe SkyX and why it is so valuable for both projects.

Staking SkyX Through Ferrum’s Flexible DeFi Staking Platform

With the emergence of DeFi and the appeal of passive income, staking has taken on a relevance like never before. Unfortunately, staking and liquidity farming has mostly been reserved for big-cap projects with main net, leaving hundreds of exciting new projects with not enough flexible option to offer staking and liquidity farming for their own token.

This gap in the market is why we built our flexible DeFi Staking Platform for any ERC-20 token. Participants lock their tokens and earn high yields based on the length of time staked. It’s like a decentralized high-yield bank account, with maximum customization for projects and flexibility for participants!

Projects like SkyX Can Customize Their Liquidity Staking to Fit Their Needs

Each project and community has different token metrics, unlocking schedules, and community concerns. This is why we built our DeFi Staking Platform to be fully customizable.

Thanks to the flexibility offered by Ferrum Network solutions, SkyX will be able to launch earlier its Staking program in order to increase their Uniswap pool liquidity while rewarding their liquidity providers. We can’t wait to see what SkyX has in store for its staking structure

Thank You

As always, thank you for your continued support of Ferrum Network, and stay tuned for more major partnerships to be announced soon!

-The Ferrum Network Team

About Ferrum Network

Ferrum Network is building a DeFi ecosystem that interoperates across chains and removes barriers to mass adoption with user-friendly products for swapping, staking, and transferring cryptocurrencies. Its cross-chain DAG will enable the transfer of any digital asset in milliseconds for near-zero network fees, unlocking tremendous value for the entire industry. Ferrum’s non-custodial UniFyre Wallet has already revolutionized the way people send crypto with its “Link Drop” technology, and is transforming the OTC market with risk-free OTC swaps embedded in a shareable link. Ferrum’s Staking-as-a-Service is now used by dozens of projects, and our Token Bridge is the fastest, and most secure means of moving assets between Ethereum and Binance Chain. Look for Ferrum to launch more transformative DeFi technology throughout 2020 and beyond.

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A project’s use of our staking technology and/or wallet listing does not constitute an endorsement of that project or its token from an investment standpoint. All projects that use our staking and/or listing are clients, unless otherwise stated in this disclaimer. Cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other digital assets are high risk and highly speculative. They may lose their value. All staking participants are advised to do their own research before staking any tokens.

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