Posted 11 months ago | by Brian Garcia

Let’s take a look at how America and the West can take advantage of China banning Bitcoin mining and crypto mining and what that could mean for the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Let’s use this analogy:

Think of your favorite board game? Which board game is the hardest one to master? If you live in the West, the answer is Chess. It’s linear, has many rules, and it a game of conquest by attrition, you win by capturing your opponent’s valuable pieces. But if you live in the East, the answer is a game called Go. 

It’s an asymmetrical game of conquest and you win not by capturing high-value pieces, but by denial of area, the winner controls the most surface area of the board. Two games with different styles that not only influence cultures but the way people think. 

With this mindset, for the longest time, China has commanded more and more of the Bitcoin Hashrate, at one point commanding over 60% of the network. But now the Communist party has changed tactics and has made all crypto-mining illegal. Did the Chinese Communist Party just make a BLUNDER that could put America back in the running for Bitcoin Mining dominance? Or are they positioning themselves to gain more ground elsewhere?


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