Posted 2 years ago | by Bethany Armstrong

Amazon Launches Blockchain for Web Services Clients

Blockchain services have come to Amazon and there are already plans to expand to different divisions within Amazon. The e-commerce mogul is launching a blockchain cloud service through Amazon Web Services (AWS) division. Amazon Web Services' clients include AT&T, Nestle, and Accenture.

TheĀ  blockchain, Managed Blockchain, announced that the Cloud Formation, is free to Amazon Web Services clients. It is designed to create an "ecosystem" chain of services which will include creating new blockchain networks, join an existing network, and invite other members to participate.

The blockchain services will also integrate current client's AWS accounts. This service was rolled out three months ago, but it is hoping to further streamline overhead and making management of the blockchain seamless and automatic. Amazon says it hopes this will make meeting the demands of "thousands of applications running millions of transactions."

Amazon recently posted a job description that hints that Amazon plans to expand the blockchain to the its advertising division.