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Earlier this week, this author interviewed the HowDoo team to discuss what’s coming to their blockchain including — farming, staking, and NFTs. The CEO of Hyprr David Brierley a dapp built on HowDoo’s blockchain further chimed in with updates on the long-awaited social media application. Both teams expressed that there was a lot in the pipeline for both the blockchain and the social media dapp itself mentioning partners like Skrill, who will soon share Hyprr to their 70 million users. Additionally, HowDoo gave away $500 worth of UDOO tokens to five lucky winners in the Bitsquad. Read the full recap below!

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:07]
Welcome to our AMA with HowDoo Blockchain I am your host The Cat. Today we will be discussing the Howdoo ecosystem and some of the coming features to the HowDoo blockchain. I am joined by @Davidbrierley and @cryptowaton. How are you both doing today?

David Brierley – Please dont DM…, [17.03.21 16:07]
Hey. I’m doing fine.. Pleased to be here..

Waton, [17.03.21 16:08]
Hey guys

Thanks for hosting us!
Doing great, busy as always 👍

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:09]
Happy to have you. So for our audience who might be a bit unfamiliar with who you both are, why don’t we start out with a basic introduction? How did you guys get involved in blockchain and what are your roles with HowDoo?

Waton, [17.03.21 16:09]
I hope you are doing fine as well Mr Cat.
I don’t know if cats bother with Covid actually 😁

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:09]
[In reply to Waton]
[ 🤦‍♂️ Sticker ]

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:10]
[In reply to Waton]
I am doing great I just got my lunch it was unfortunately delivered late. But the show must go on!

David Brierley – Please dont DM…, [17.03.21 16:10]
2016 for me. One of the techs that worked for me, pitched me the power of the blockchain, and since I was hooked..

Waton, [17.03.21 16:11]
First crypto (bitcoin) in 2014

Stepped into the profession in 2017 by setting up a private investment syndicate. From there on started took on business development positions and quickly grew to CBDO in the entities I worked for so far.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:11]
Very nice and your roles within HowDoo?

Waton, [17.03.21 16:12]
Chief Business Development Officer

Waton, [17.03.21 16:12]
David is the CEO / Founder

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:13]
Can you tell our audience a bit about the HowDoo blockchain, its transaction speed, consensus model and what separates it from say Ethereum, Cardano or any other blockchain?

Waton, [17.03.21 16:18]
The Howdoo Blockchain is developed specialized for high-frequency usage.

Transaction speed:
In production it was more than 10,000TPS
Current test showed over 100,000TPS

The consensus model is a Proof Of Stake, but the uDOO token wields an aggressive deflationary token model.

Originally Hyprr was built on the ethereum blockchain. While developing Hyprr we noticed the struggle of the Ethereum blockchain and other top projects migrating. We then decided to develop our own blockchain.

Since Tuesday, the blockchain applied for official aknowledgement of the ecosystem that we based the development on. We made contact as the ecosystem we are building ourself is shaped and after we get approved, we will get support from the core team of that ecosystem.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:19]
[In reply to Waton]
Ahhhh yes, Ethereum”s infamous scalability issues.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:20]
Can you tell me abit about the HowDoo ecosystem?

Waton, [17.03.21 16:22]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]
The Howdoo Ecosystem currently has:
Howdoo Blockchain and Howdoo DeFi (Farming and Staking)

We have written out the structure to complete the ecosystem with a launchpad and swap protocol.

Info about the LaunchPad
( about the Swap (

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:23]
How will the launchpad and swap protocol work and what are the tokenomics for UDOO with farming and staking?

Waton, [17.03.21 16:24]
The ecosystem will run by a decentralized governance

Waton, [17.03.21 16:25]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]

I think this is the most easy way to elaborate the tokenomics.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:27]
[In reply to Waton]
Can you tell our audience a bit how this decentralized governance will work?

Waton, [17.03.21 16:27]
The staking itself has an APR of 18% annually.
– No lockup
– No minimum required

There is however a staking fee to pay: 1.25% upon deposit and 0.75% upon withdrawal.

The fees go directly to the wallet address that accumulates the tokens for the quarterly burn

Waton, [17.03.21 16:27]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:28]
[In reply to Waton]
How much of the supply will you burn?

Waton, [17.03.21 16:29]
The Governance token will make sure that we have a decentralized Governance.

The Node holders will receive 50% of the total supply, airdropped of 5 quarters. (so 10% each quarter)

Howdoo company will retain 20% of the tokens, which will be locked in a liquidity smartcontract.

5% goes to partners

25% gets sold (5% private and 20% public)

Waton, [17.03.21 16:29]
The governance token holders will:
Vote on which projects get listed on the HowdooSwap.

Vote on which projects are accepted to the Howdoo LaunchPad.

Determine fees charged by HowdooSwap and Howdoo LaunchPad (after the initial 12 months).

Annually review and update the gas fees collected by node holders for executing transactions on the Howdoo Blockchain.

Waton, [17.03.21 16:30]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]
Currently we have no fixed it yet, but we originally and still have a deflation model in mind till 420m tokens remain

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:31]
[In reply to Waton]
Can you tell us more about nodes and what the requirements are to be one?

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:32]
[In reply to Waton]
Will HowDooSwap be similar to Uniswap?

Waton, [17.03.21 16:35]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]
Node requirements:
Nodes holders that start / continue in April, will require to sign an agreement with the terms and conditions, along with providing KYC.

KYC is required because node holders will receive 10% of the adv revenue of, registered in the US and regulated by the SEC.

Further will node holders receive 10% of the adv revenue on HowdooSwap, along with 0.015% of every transaction made on HowdooSwap.

Further Node holders will also receive 0.75% of the funds being raised on the Howdoo LaunchPad.

Waton, [17.03.21 16:36]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]
Same principle but better

Not on Ethereum, so not the insane gas prices.
And tokens on a different blockchain can get listed on HowdooSwap, because we will ‘simply’ hedge them.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:38]
[In reply to Waton]
Hedging similar to wrapped tokens?

Waton, [17.03.21 16:38]

Waton, [17.03.21 16:38]
All it requires is:
Continuous minting and burning smartcontract
3rd party oracle

It ain’t rocket science 😊

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:39]
[In reply to Waton]
Sounds like a pretty sweet deal

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:40]
Anything else you would like to discuss regarding HowDoo’s blockchain?

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:40]
[In reply to Waton]
[ GIF ]

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:41]
I couldn’t resist

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:41]
[ 😂 Sticker ]

Waton, [17.03.21 16:43]

Definitely the deflationary token model

With the deflationary tokenmodel we support the uDOO token price consistently while on the long term we are guaranteeing the demand on the secondary market for the uDOO token.

The uDOO token is required to lock in nodes.
125,000 uDOO for a seed node
1,250,000 uDOO for a super node.

Waton, [17.03.21 16:44]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]
[ Photo ]
Definitely the deflationary tokenmodel

With the deflationary tokenmodel we support the uDOO token price consistently while on the long term we are guaranteeing the demand on the secondary market for the uDOO token.

The uDOO token is required to lock in nodes.
125,000 uDOO for a seed node
1,250,000 uDOO for a super node.

Waton, [17.03.21 16:44]
Our first buyback and burn is happening by the end of this month 🔥

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:46]
So how many tokens will you burn down to what supply?

Waton, [17.03.21 16:46]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]
We are looking to burn down to 420m uDOO tokens remaining

Waton, [17.03.21 16:46]
That is 420,000,000 uDOO tokens

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:47]
Ahhhh Elon Musk’s favorite number.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:48]
So lets discuss Hyprr one of HowDoo’s first projects in its ecosystem.

Waton, [17.03.21 16:48]
Not just his I suppose.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:48]
[In reply to Waton]
Got a confession is this your doing?

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:48]
[ 🤷‍♀️ Sticker ]

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:50]
So where is the Hyprr project at now in regards to development?

Waton, [17.03.21 16:50]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]
No sir

Elon Musk is an incluencer.. if he loves things, other people want it.
Therefore, I’m sure many people are into it 😊

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:50]
[In reply to Waton]
I don’t believe you.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:50]
[ 😒 Sticker ]

David Brierley – Please dont DM…, [17.03.21 16:51]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]
We are very close to our public launch. We are currently testing through the community, plus our creators are uploading and testing.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:52]
[In reply to David Brierley – Please dont DM…]
How far away when market?

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:52]
[ 🍆 Sticker ]

David Brierley – Please dont DM…, [17.03.21 16:53]
Technically we are a few weeks away. Off-Ramp is being updated along with our new branding and AI layer. From a marketing / launch standpoint we are finalising with our launch supporters.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:54]
[In reply to David Brierley – Please dont DM…]
[ 👍 Sticker ]

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:55]
Can you tell us a bit about your off-ramp and on-ramp partner?

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:55]
Also what will this ai layer handle?

David Brierley – Please dont DM…, [17.03.21 16:58]
Sure…. From a On-Ramp (being able to buy tokens) and Off-Ramp (being able to covert tokens into FIAT from within the App). Our partner is paysafe (Skrill) who is the number 2 in terms of size behind Paypal (40 million clients). Paysafe will be promoting us to their client base when we are ready to go full public..

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 16:59]
Very cool!

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 17:00]
Is there any other partners you would like to share with the Bitsquad today?

David Brierley – Please dont DM…, [17.03.21 17:01]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]
Two aspects: 1: User experience. Next gen recommendation experience v the current experience that end users receive today when going to YouTube or IG etc…. and 2: Protection of under age or vulnerable people – 18+ content. We have a dedicated team, one being a PHD in AI.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 17:02]
Sounds very promising

David Brierley – Please dont DM…, [17.03.21 17:04]
[In reply to David Brierley – Please dont DM…]
In addition, most platforms struggle with applying AI to video and Streaming… Our team has done some extensive work in order to address this.. We released an update last week showing how we are applying AI to live streaming…

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 17:05]
[In reply to David Brierley – Please dont DM…]
Is this to prevent illegal content?

Waton, [17.03.21 17:07]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]
Skrill is our on- and offramp partner.

Since it is a big partnership as they new step in supporting this for blockchain entities, they have a few more partners wrapping up and then will release the partnership to their users.
We are talking about 40m users that informed about Hyprr decentralized social media dApp.

With crypto and blockchain hot right now in the ‘traditional world’ this should be a nice push to feeding the deflationary uDOO tokenmodel.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 17:09]
Yes its a huge partner

David Brierley – Please dont DM…, [17.03.21 17:09]
[In reply to The Cat [BitboyCrypto]]
100%, but also to protect the end user ( minors etc) from explicit live content.. Unfortunately, some people like to try and upload content that is inappropriate.

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 17:10]
[In reply to David Brierley – Please dont DM…]
Makes sense

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 17:10]
Besides Skrill any other partners that you guys would like to highlight before I release the flood gates and allow our audience to ask questions?

Waton, [17.03.21 17:11]
We have partnerships in the pipeline, both crypto and non cryptom but as long as it aint agreed on terms we can’t announce it, right 😊

I think the main ones are for sure the Blockchain aknowledging and Skrill

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 17:12]
Okay prepare I am about to open the flood gates

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 17:12]
Wait David is typing

David Brierley – Please dont DM…, [17.03.21 17:12]
From a Hyprr standpoint, we are working with some known names in order to launch, across NFT’s (artists) and traditional creators… This will all support our public launch over the coming weeks..

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 17:13]
Awesome I wish you guys good luck on your launch

The Cat [BitboyCrypto], [17.03.21 17:13]
Flood gates opening time!