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The world of academia is taking notice of blockchain technology. As academic institutions create blockchain technology classes, publish papers, and students organize student-led groups, blockchain technology is topic that is growing in interest.

MIT recently published an article considering the importance of blockchain ethics. Raising concerns about how blockchain technology can be truly ethical when connected to cryptocurrency.

The MIT article highlighted that cryptocurrency is often connected to fraud, so it definitely raises questions about the ethics of blockchain technology. Even with the raised questions, MIT recently hosted a two-day Media Lab which worked towards "collaboratively building an interdisciplinary field of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology research".

MIT's article is a reminder that there is a general assumption about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is that they are both connected and only exist to work together.

Alex Knight, MBA Candidate of the Stanford School of Business Graduate program clarifies, "I think it’s important to differentiate between crypto and blockchain. They’re like a square and a rectangle: all cryptocurrencies, I believe, are built on a blockchain, but not all blockchains are, or rely on, cryptocurrencies."

In an interview with the Stanford School of Business Graduate program, Stanford Graduate Igor Khmel, who founded BankEx, says He "believes banks eventually will have to do business using blockchain technology". Khmel added,“I’m not trying to disrupt banks,” Khmel insists. “I’m trying to help and change them.”"

In January 2019, UC Berkeley kickstarted the "Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, an accelerator program open to international participants and designed to guide and support high-value blockchain startups". The student led group, Blockchain at Berkeley collaborated with the UC Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, and the Haas School of Business to launch the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator program.

UC Berkeley has a wide range of blockchain activities, "At Berkeley we have a groundswell of blockchain activity, ranging from a number of courses offered on campus to a very large and in-demand student group to a lot of independent projects and faculty doing research in the blockchain space" says Jocelyn Weber, director of Xlabs and executive programs at the Sutardja Center.

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