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A Stateless (Not Lawless) World May be Our Best Option in the Future

A world without nation states seems like something from a sci-fi movie (or remote history) – but a stateless world could be the next move in human evolution. In fact, statelessness has some major advantages, especially in a world where data is simple to move globally.

The nation state is easy to understand from a formative perspective. People who lived near each other had shared values, and it made a lot of sense to create a way to pool resources for social goals – and defense.

As legendary investor and writer Doug Casey recently pointed out, this is no longer the case.

To wit,

“What do you have in common with your fellow countrymen? A mode of living, perhaps a common language, possibly some shared experiences and myths, and a common ruler… but very little of any real meaning or importance. In fact, your fellow citizens are more likely to be an active danger to you than those of a presumed 'enemy' country like Iran. If you earn a good living, and certainly if you own a business and have assets, your fellow Americans are the ones who actually present the clear and present danger.”

What is true in the USA is more or less the case in many nations, and also in the European Union, a place where small nations are being controlled by technocrats that are more interested in their own power than in the lives of the EU's far-flung citizens.

A Stateless World isn't Anarchy

What unfolded over the summer in Seattle was very interesting. The people behind CHOP (or CHAZ) understood very quickly that while it is easy to say that they want to live in a new social structure – as soon as law enforcement is called off – a new form of 'state sponsored' violence is necessary.

For the idealistic youth in CHOP, this need for 'law and order' meant taking up arms, and perhaps shooting a few people under questionable circumstances. In the real world, there is no need for such foolishness, as groups with shared values can create legal protections to ensure social stability.

There is no need for a 'state' in the way we use the word currently. When we are born, we are forced into a social contract that isn't necessarily a great deal, and these arrangements are rapidly losing their value for all involved.

The US is a perfect example of this – as most people aren't getting their money out of what they pay in taxes – nor are they being well served by a professional political class that isn't interested in making the nation work.

Building Stable Social Structures

The sad fact is that the 'melting pot' theory of social architecture is broken. Disparate classes can't be made to work together – as the wealthy aren't going to be fond of funding the revolution that would see their heads cut off by an angry mob.

Doug Casey pointed out that,

“What’s actually important in relationships is shared values, principles, interests, and philosophy. Geographical proximity and a common nationality are meaningless—no more than an accident of birth.”

This is likely the reason why we aren't going to see another French Revolution in the West.

The 1% can easily transfer their assets offshore, and flee the angry masses in their private jets. The rabble will be left to behead each other – while the kings of commerce watch the ordeal on Twitter from the safety of their yachts.

Hate For The State

The power mad politicians of the last half century have created a monster. Nanny state programs set the government up as a means of survival for the lowest levels of society, but this is a very dangerous situation for those who think that the state can maintain these programs endlessly.

As governments fail to maintain peace in their nation, and central banks destroy the value of their monopoly money, the huge numbers of poorly educated people that live off the state will be left with no options – and piles of anger.

When there were kings – this situation could lead to a revolution – but in the modern world – it will likely lead to the destruction of the state as a foundational ideal.

The replacement will probably be something along the lines of a medieval guild for those who can create value – whose members are guarded by mercenaries. As for the masses – in an orderless world that has little in the way of law or economy – the population level is sure to drop...

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