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Cryptocurrency content creator and enthusiast

Ben Armstrong is a YouTuber, podcaster, crypto enthusiast, and creator of BitBoyCrypto.com. Better known as BitBoy Crypto, he works hard to educate and inform the crypto community.

Ben has been involved with the world of cryptocurrency since 2012 when he first invested in Bitcoin. He used Charlie Shrem’s BitInstant and lost Bitcoin in the Mt. Gox hack.

In 2018, Ben decided to go “full-time crypto” and focus all of his time and energy into expanding the reach of crypto.


Ben Armstrong

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BitBoy Crypto Youtube

Here you will find the latest and greatest thoughts and opinions on all things Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. You can expect at least one video per day on the channel. Subscribe to become a member of my community, The BitSquad!

This channel is always fresh and never boring.

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Crypto News

AdobeStock 307397023 scaled SEC Gensler FUDs Crypto "History Tells Us That Private Forms Of Money Don’t Last Long"

6 hours ago

U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair Gary Gensler spoke with the Washington Post about cryptocurrency regulations and how he personally sees the industry moving…

AdobeStock 279255313 Editorial Use Only scaled Burger King Jumps Into NFTs With Collectible Game

11 hours ago

Fast Food behemoth Burger King is launching a new NFT (Non-Fungible Token) campaign with the NFT marketplace Sweet called, Burger King Real Meals NFT. Burger…

AdobeStock 440769357 scaled Hottest NFT Altcoin (No Gas Fees on this NFT blockchain)

1 day ago

NFTs are more popular than ever, and new people are getting into crypto every day just so they can purchase NFTs or play games involving…

AdobeStock 129002003 scaled Top 3 Mobile Wallets (PROTECT Your Crypto Gains)

2 days ago

The oldest wallet ever discovered belonged to Otzi, a man who lived in Austria in the year 3300 BC and it was made out of…


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