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3Commas Crypto Trading Bot Could be a Useful Tool for Active Traders

As world continues to develop, crypto traders are looking though an ever-increasing range of services to simplify the trading process. 3Commas is worth a look if you want to spend less time trading, and are comfortable using automated trading tools.

3Commas a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform which supports users with automated trading bots. It also allows its clients to follow and copy the actions of successful traders, as well as create and track top portfolios.

Moreover, the platform allows users to engage in smart trading and customize their own trading strategies, and set up stop loss and take profit commands. If you are interested in knowing more about how 3Commas works, or to sign up for the service, please click right here!

The 3Commas Trading Bot

The 3Commas platform provides access to many tools designed to improve overall trading efficiency and effectiveness. The goal of the project is not only to minimize investors’ risks and limit their exposure to losses but also to maximize profits.

The core of the platform is the 3Commas trading bot, which works as a web-based service together with a number of devices and exchanges. The trading bots are pieces of computer software that execute trades based on pre-determined parameters set by the trader.

Currently, the service is used by more than 33,000 traders, and over $10m USD worth of daily trading volume is handled by the platform. The 3Commas trading bot works with 12 exchanges, including Coinbase, GDAX, Binance, Bitfinex, and Huobi.

By using 3Commas, traders can execute orders on different exchanges, make more informed trades, and use of stop loss or take profit orders.

Key Features

Functionality: 3Commas provides a web-based platform with easy features, including a wide range of functions and detailed analytics.

Technology: Users can access their trading dashboard on desktop and laptop computers. There are also mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Range of Tools: Industry-standard trading trading tools allows users to create, analyze, and back-test crypto portfolios and monitor the best performing portfolios created by other users. Moreover, users can participate in social trading, and follow and copy the actions of other successful traders.

It a Bot Right for You?

3Commas works to help traders, especially beginners, by providing a trading bot that is both easy to set-up and use. The platform is also more reliable than many of its competitors.

The features of 3Commas, such as portfolio creation and tracking, and social trading make it a solid option for anyone interested in adding automated trading to their cryptocurrency trading strategies.

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