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3Commas and Unstoppable Domains Bring Innovation to Crypto Marketplace

The crypto markets have helped traders and investors make great returns. In addition to offering opportunities to deploy capital, cryptos are also helping to drive innovation. 3Commas and Unstoppable Domains both work in the crypto space, but in very different ways.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is software that uses blockchain technology to give the power back to the people and to ease the way people interact online.

The company uses decentralized platforms like Ethereum and Zilliqa Blockchain as a neutral 3rd party platforms instead of relying on centralized services to buy and sell domain names, such as Namecheap or GoDaddy.

It also stores the content on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a decentralized hosting service, where content cannot be removed. Unstoppable Domains creates the cryptocurrency addresses to easily remember, such as a “.zil” or “.crypto” domain.

Making Cryptos Work for the Web

The company released a Google Chrome extension to give users access to .crypto domain names directly from the Chrome browser, which is currently the most-used web browser. The .crypto domains are smart contracts on the Ethereum network, meaning the overall network would have taken down when the attacker take down a site.

Unstoppable Domains Partnered with Opera Browser in March 2020, this give over 80 million users direct access to decentralized websites.

By typing .crypto domains into Opera Browser just like they would a .com domain, users will be able to view blockchain-based websites. The .crypto domain extension can be used both for cryptocurrency payments and decentralized websites.


The 3Commas cryptocurrency management platform is a project which provides access to several tools designed to improve overall trading efficiency and effectiveness. The aim is to help minimize investors’ risks, and limit their exposure to losses, while also maximizing their profits.

The 3Commas trading bot operates as a web-based service and works in conjunction with several devices and exchanges. It is a part of computer software that continuously executes trades based on pre-determined parameters set by the trader.

Popular Trading Tools

Currently, over 33,000 traders are using the service as well as over $10m of the daily trading volume. The trading bot currently works with up 12 exchanges including Coinbase, GDAX, Binance, Bitfinex, and Huobi.

Both novice and more experienced traders are supported to maximize their trading potential by taking part in a twenty-four-hour market without fear of any potential areas of inefficiency.

3Commas allows traders to be able to keep up with various orders on different exchanges, develop informed trading behavior, and make use of effective stop losses or take profit trading strategies.
3Commas appears to new traders by producing a trading bot that is both easy to set up and use and also performs reliably when compared to many of its competitors.

3Commas became the first Binance broker partner back at the end of 2019 to launch, which order matching solutions, account management, and trade settlement systems. allows traders can leverage Binance’s liquidity and market depth and pay for free. They have to only pay the trading fees. Also, traders can connect with one of Binance platforms by owning a account with every Binance Trader on is a Binance-backed account.

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