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WonderHero is a play-to-earn mobile game for the iOS and Android, where players play in turn-based tactical battles to earn tokens and NFT assets.

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So what exactly are these NFT assets in WonderHero? How do you use them and are they valuable? In this article, we will break it down for you and share 3 reasons why WonderHero NFTs can give you more earnings in the near future!

// What are WonderHero NFTs?

Before we can dive into the reasons, it is best to give you more context on what are the NFTs in WonderHero and how are they related to the gameplay.

In WonderHero, the Hero Skins, Weapons and Equipment are the NFTs where players will be using in-game to enter battles. When equipped, these NFTs give stats boost to the Hero and some NFTs will even grant the Hero additional skills during the battle.

It is also important for you to know, that every NFT in WonderHero is unique and gives a random Stat boost.

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IMPORTANT: You may have NFTs with same name and image, but they will have different stats! Because stats are randomize for NFTs, this also means that a lower star NFT maybe on par or even better than a higher star NFT.

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There are around 10 different Hero Skins for each Hero.

This unique and random stats applies to all NFTs in WonderHero, from Hero Skins, Weapons and Equipment.

In WonderHero, there are powerful NFTs that are in a set. If you equip all of them to your Hero, it can grant them special skills or even change the Hero Ultimate skill.

Ashanti with a powerful full equipment set that changes her Ultimate to summon swarm of Golden Tentacles

Now that you have some basic understanding of WonderHero NFTs, here’s what you need to know.

// With WonderHero, You Have Multiple Ways to Earn

WonderHero NFTs are valuable assets that are integral to WonderHero gameplay and ecosystem, as a WonderHero NFT owner, you are not limited by only playing but empower with multiple way to earn and the flexibility to choose.

Reason #1: Stake WonderHero NFTs to earn $WND rewards

Our NFT Staking is going to launch on 22 Dec! If you own a WonderHero NFT, you can stake it while waiting for the official game launch. By staking NFTs, you can earn $WND without doing anything!

Passive income!

Reason #2: Use WonderHero NFTs In-Game and Earn More

Equip your Hero NFT with weapons and equipment, win battles and earn $WND, $HON or more NFT assets. You can sell these NFTs on our Marketplace, or trade your $WND and $HON for earnings.

You can also upgrade your NFTs to sell them at a higher price, OR to help you defeat tougher levels to earn even more rewards!

The choice is yours.

Reason #3: Use WonderHero NFTs to Earn More As A Sponsor

What most people DO NOT KNOW yet is that they can also use NFTs to become a Sponsor in our upcoming Yield System. (to be released in Q1 2022).

As a Sponsor, you can earn additional income by renting out your NFTs to a Scholar without losing the custody of these assets. And by doing so, you can earn a % from the Scholar’s income.

More passive income!

// How To Purchase WonderHero NFTs Now?

Our 2nd WonderBox sale is happening on 21 Dec, 1pm UTC. Each of these WonderBox contains 5 NFTs (1 Hero Skin, 1 Weapon and 3 Equipment), which is a great starter pack to start the game.

If you miss the 2nd WonderBox sale, you can only purchase WonderHero NFTs from the Marketplace or wait for a future WonderBox sale when the market calls for it.

So don’t miss out and take part in our 2nd WonderBox Sale Whitelisting now. Whitelisting closes on 19 Dec.

Full details over here: [Read this]

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// About WonderHero

WonderHero is a Play to Earn Mobile RPG game, where gamers can earn rare NFTs (non-fungible token) and sell them on a peer-to-peer marketplace.

The team believes in forming a balanced universe where players of different levels can provide each other income opportunities while having fun at the same time.

WonderHero is led by a stellar team with leadership experience operating in a Top 20 crypto exchange and over 10 years of combined experience in gaming.

Join us on our official channels and stay updated of the news/updates!

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