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Passive income. I like it, you like it.. even those personal finance books your dad told you to read1; they like it too! Blockchain technology has been able to make good use of our love of passive income with staking; allowing users to stake coins to nodes that support the network, in return for rewards. One of the newest projects to offer delegated staking is also one of our favourite projects; Cartesi. By now you know that I am an advisor for Cartesi, because I believe that this project has one of the best solutions for making blockchain technology more efficient. Cartesi’s oracle is the missing puzzle piece that could allow more information to be handled off-chain, which means that Cartesi could be the giant that can declutter blockchains and ultimately challenge data hosting giants like Amazon Web Services. Stacking and staking this crypto gem is a great way to get in on the gains. Cartesi has been working on research and development, with a focus on building something new, something that the blockchain industry really needs in order to become more user-friendly. We want decentralization to win, don’t we? Well to win, you’ve got to be good, and Cartesi wants to make blockchain and decentralization good; easy to use, intuitive and innovative.

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