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$12 million worth of Bitcoin moved over the weekend from a miner that was mining BTC in its early days, reported.

The news site owned by Roger Ver detailed several transactions.

“On early Sunday morning around 1:38:02 a.m. (New York time), approximately 20 blocks with coinbase rewards from 2010 were spent in one block. 1,000 BTC was then consolidated into a single address before moving again. The massive movement of the decade-old ‘sleeping’ bitcoins was caught by an on-chain transaction parser and the coins were spent in block 652,204.” later updated its website to include an important transaction noting that almost 10 BTC or $114K worth at the time of this report was sent to the Free Software Foundation as a donation.

* Update, approximately 9.99999943 BTC or $114k worth of the 1,050 bitcoins from 2010 were sent to the Free Software Foundation. notes, the miner also transferred a total of 21 consecutive 2010 block rewards to various different addresses “spending” the dormant Bitcoin.

The 2010 blocks spent in total on Sunday held 1,050 BTC or $11.9 million at current BTC exchange rates.

The Data also indicates that in addition to the BTC transferred, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) coinbase rewards were also shifted on Sunday. Approximately 1,000 BCH the coin owned by Ver was moved from a decade-old coinbase reward (valued at $251k at the time of this report.) The funds were moved on October 11th. However, hilariously blockchain explorers showed the corresponding Bitcoinsv (BSV) tokens did not move from the wallet at all. expressed it believes this transaction and the one from earlier this year in March of a dormant miner are connected.

“The movement on October 11, 2020, is also quite odd because the person or people decided to move the exact same number of 2010 blocks as the March incident. In our report last week, it was noted that a 2010 block reward, coincidentally mined on March 11 of that year, was also transferred to end the session of movements.”

There’s a number of questions you might ask yourself as a Bitcoiner. A few of these are the following. What does this movement mean? Why now, after a decade long dormancy are Satoshi-era mining coins moving? Is a big move coming for Bitcoin? Only time will tell.  But Ben seems to think so watch his latest video below on why Bitcoin is bullish!

Bitcoin is currently trading at [FIAT: $11,540.00] according to Coin Gecko at the time of this report.