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The story of SushiSwap, one of the mainstay trading DEXs in all of crypto, has all the makings of a classic holiday movie. Like every great holiday film starts with the promise of a Christmas to remember1, Sushi’s legendary beginnings as a fork of Uniswap, strong community formation and exponential growth promised a solid project with unlimited potential. Eventually, a lack of communication and too much developer control caused infighting and mass resignations2. A conflict that begged to be overcome, like Kevin being left at home while his family went on a trip to Paris.3 A Leaderless Sushiswap without direction was looking like disaster scene like we’ve seen in every holiday classic,4 and just when it seemed like there was no hope left, a Christmas miracle arrived, with news of top Avalanche developer Daniele Sestagalli proposing to take the project to new heights. Will SushiSwap become a holiday blockbuster, or a made-for-TV Hallmark Channel flop?5 Today we dive into the history of SushiSwap and what might be next for Sushi and Avalanche.

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